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For my birthday this year, my best friends and I decided to visit Manchester for a night out, to catch up and to eat. The night out was ace, to be honest, the three of us could've stayed in our hotel room all night and had a good time, but we went out in our glad rags and Manchester was pretty impressive with its night-life. Anyway, we were staying at the Travelodge Manchester Piccadilly,which was really well priced and a great location to get around in Central Manchester. We went to The Dough, Home Sweet Home and Burger King (which I won't be reviewing as it was our end of the night greasy meal). 

The Dough was a great location in the Northern Quarter and I had heard a lot of good things about it, especially reading that it is good for vegans and non-vegan, so I thought it would be perfect. The atmosphere was quaint but friendly and the staff were nice, although a little frazzled, as we kept getting a new waiter/waitress every time someone attended to us. The selection was good with one side of the menu being full of the usual pizza options and the other being full of more obscure,but well thought out options. I went for a veggie pizza with vegan cheese and although the toppings were tasty, the dough was somewhat sponge-like and cakey. One of my friends agreed but the other found it quite appetising, I think I have been spoiled by the likes of Spectacular Goat and Bare Bones Pizza. Overall, I would give this place a five, for it's well thought out toppings and amazing tunnel that leads next door.

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Where do you go after a night out? For brunch, obviously! We needed something greasy and we had our heart set on Home Sweet Home after visiting it the day before on our walk around the city. We waited half an hour for a text to arrive to tell us our table was ready in this American diner-esque location, and it did not disappoint. There wasn't many vegan options on the menu, probably 2 in total. I went for a Falafel, Avocado and Hummus wrap that had been executed beautifully, with sweet potato fries. I loved everything about this, from the portion to the wrap to the fries. Would I go there again? In a heartbeat! My friends shared my sentiment about their meaty meals. The tea is also great there. I would give this place a solid 8 for its great food, ambiance, friendly staff and efficient service. Go there, now!

I also visited V Revolution whilst I was in Manchester and picked up some Vego bars, they were quite busy but the selection didn't look half as good as some of the vegan places in Birmingham.

I now want to move to Manchester!

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