Pirlo's Dessert Lounge

Dessert places are on-trend at the moment, especially for the Muslim community as it allows families and young people go and enjoy their Friday nights or weekends in an eatery that is a little indulgent and fun. Usually when someone is invited to a dessert place they would be excited about the sugar overload but I normally just think that I will be sitting there with a scoop of sorbet or mocktail looking at everyone's plates that are full of ice-cream and waffles in envy. But when I get invited to Pirlo's Dessert Lounge, they specified that they cater to all dietary requirements so I went with an empty stomach and spoon at the ready. Pirlo's is located in Digbeth, at the back of the Cow Vintage Shop so it is easy to get to but you have to know about it to get there. There is a cheap car park near by, as well as some street parking.

On the menu, there are cakes, waffles, crepes and gelato ice-cream. After a quick glance at the menu, I saw that there are 4 choices in total for vegans and those on a dairy-free diet, that do not include fruit salad or sorbet, shocking! These include Chocalate and Beetroot Cake, NYC Lemon Cheesecake, Walnut Treacle Tart and Raspberry and Chia Seed Verrine. I got to sample two of the four options, the Walnut Treacle Tart (in the image above) and Raspberry and Chia Seed Verrine (shown below). To be honest I liked them both. I liked how comforting and nutty the treacle tart was and how innovative and interesting in texture the verrine was. I know want to go back to try out the other options. Looking at what my fellow bloggers were having, the portions were good, the innovative gourmet-esque vibe could be seen in all the options. You could tell that the person making it loves food and enjoys making it even more so.

I look forward to tasting the other options at Pirlo's Dessert Lounge and looking forward to seeing what people think of it. I am just happy to know that I can go to a dessert place knowing that I can actually eat something!

Thank you to Anita from Delicious PR for the invite, to the lovely people at Pirlo's Dessert Lounge for putting on a great event and for spoiling me and to my fellow bloggers for being great company.

*I was invited to the soft launch of the dessert lounge and the desserts that I sampled were complimentary but my opinion is my own*

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