There used to be a time when I would never have breakfast, I would skip it and go straight to lunch because I like to sleep too much and I wouldn't feel hungry. That was back when I was at school, college and university, now that I am a 9 to 5 gal, things have changed. I have to have breakfast, big or small, decadent or simple, I have to have it! So you can imagine my delight when I got invited along to Bardolino, Marco Pierre White's new venture in The Cube, to try out their Brunch menu at 9am on a Tuesday.

What's Been Happening?

What have been my foodie goings-on to in May and June?

Friday Evenings at Opus

It's Friday evening, work is done for the week and you want to go somewhere special for dinner, where do you go? Well, Opus might be a good option!

El Borracho de Oro

If you have read my blog before you would know that I have visited Barcelona twice and love everything about the city, including the food. So when I got an invite to go try out El Borracho de Oro, just behind the Morrisons on Hagley Road, I jumped at the chance to delve back into tapas heaven.

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