There used to be a time when I would never have breakfast, I would skip it and go straight to lunch because I like to sleep too much and I wouldn't feel hungry. That was back when I was at school, college and university, now that I am a 9 to 5 gal, things have changed. I have to have breakfast, big or small, decadent or simple, I have to have it! So you can imagine my delight when I got invited along to Bardolino, Marco Pierre White's new venture in The Cube, to try out their Brunch menu at 9am on a Tuesday.

I mention the early timing because I haven't had a blogger event in the morning for a long time and it was a refreshing change, that I took a half day off work for (committed to the food cause). Anyways back to Bardolino, the restaurant has a rustic Italian look but with a modern twist and a few MPW images. The flooring was the most interesting to me, it was new yet it looked like it had been there for several years. In comparison to MPW's other restaurants in Birmingham, Bardolino is relaxed yet sophisticated; I especially liked how they had USB plug sockets.

Whilst we dined, 19-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist Sean serenaded us with a great medley of songs, which included Ain't No Sunshine and My Mama Don't Like You. His voice was flawless, his choice of songs was my iPod playlist and it made me wish that he was there every time I dined anywhere.

I was one of the first to arrive, did I mention I like to eat breakfast, and I took the opportunity to enjoy the canal-side view, as I waited to see what would be served.

There is an array of choices on the menu to suit every stomach, a fry-up, bagels, croissants, fruit, porridge, juices, yoghurt and even an assortment of toppings on sourdough. For the meat-lover is Marco's Breakfast (served in the cast iron dish in the image below) which can also be made dairy-free and meat-free, for the chocolate-lover is the option to have croissants with Nutella and for the health-conscious there is the option to have Crushed Avocado on sourdough toast and an assortment of choices of juices. This is just a few of the options but every single one that appeared on the table looked amazing. I was given a Tropical Fruit Salad to try out, which was tasty, it had pineapple, mango, watermelon and a hint of lime. This is very similar to the fruit salad I would make at home, the fruit was fresh, ripe and the lime gave it that extra zing that would make it particularly good to have on a sunny day. I also tried out a Health juice, which contained papaya, carrot, goji berry and pineapple. The juice was amazing and it made me wonder why more smoothies don't contain papaya. I also tried the Re-Energiser juice (shown in the first image at the very top), which had beetroot, ginger, blueberries and pineapple. It was tangy, with just the right amount of ginger and the bitterness of the beetroot worked well with the sweetness of the blueberries and the citrus zing of the pineapple (yep, I love to say zing).

The best thing about the Bardolino Brunch menu is that they are able to adapt it to suit any dietary requirement. I had two dishes adapted to suit my dairy-free diet, the Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Egg on Toasted Sourdough and the Porridge with Honey, Toasted Seeds and Fruit. The porridge was made with coconut milk, it was creamy, the honey was the perfect amount to add sweetness but not too much. the oats were the perfect consistency and the fruit was lovely, I wish there had been more and perhaps even a little mango compote too. The salmon was the perfect pink and it was perfection with the scrambled egg and sourdough, I made sure to finish it.

Would I go back to this eatery? Yes

For anything in particular? The dairy-free brunch options, to try their main meal options, especially as I hear they will be doing vegan mac-n-cheese and there will be vegan cheese as an option for the pizza.

How was the service? I can't really judge this, as it was a bloggers event, but they were all friendly and knowledgeable.

How did they cope with the dairy-free dietary requirement? The waiters were able to find out what was dairy-free with minimal fuss and maximum effect. The menu is able to be adapted easily and without losing its flavour and fun.

What are the prices like? The juices are around £4, brunch options are all around £5 and Marco's Breakfast and the Bardolino Breakfast are both around £8.

Overall, it is good to see an eatery that is innovative and is able to adapt to suit all dietary requirements. It's about time Birmingham!

*I was invited to try out the Brunch menu at Bardolino for a Blogger event but my review was honest, you should know that by now!*

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