What's Been Happening?

What have been my foodie goings-on to in May and June?

To launch their new Work + Play rooms, Malmaison had a little shindig and what a night it was! There was copious amount of food in the food buffet, the cocktails and wine was flowing, the photobooth was flashing away, the DJ was spinning some great tunes and everyone was in a great party mood. It's a shame it was held on a Thursday, because I would've really let my hair down. But it was one of the best blogger parties I have ever attended, which was then topped off with a great goodie bag. Events, such as these, make the hard work of blogging seriously worth it. Thank you Malmaison!

The last couple of months has seen a influx of bars within Birmingham, Be at One being one of them. Boosting over 100 good-quality cocktails, a prime location opposite Grand Central, a cosy friendly atmosphere and an age-less venue, it's a damn good place to be!

Viva la Brazil
Bennetts Hill appears to be the it place in Birmingham at the moment. Buffalo and Rye and Cosy Club joined the likes of Bodega and The Briar Rose last year; and now the street has seen the arrival of Viva la Brazil. If you love your meat then this is the place to be! On the day of the launch party, the music was live, the ladies were on stilts and looked as if they just came from Mardi Gras and the food and cocktails were flowing. I was quite impressed with the dairy-free veggie options that were being passed around and I hope to go back soon to try it out properly.

Foodies Festival
I visited the Foodies Festival in Birmingham last year and had a great time, so I couldn't wait to attend again this year to see how it compared and to see some of my foodie friends. The weather was beautifully sunny on the day, perfect to grab a bite and chill on the grass in, exactly what we did. I tried Chaophraya's Thai Green Curry, which was one of a few vegan options that were available on the day. The portion was generous, the flavour was fantastic and the veg was beautiful! I also went to see Nadiya (of GBBO fame) do her demo, which was interesting because it wasn't a dessert and I saw the lovely Pip at her Pips Hot Sauce stall. I also stocked up on Vita Coco Coconut Oil, got my favourite churros and even saw that there was dairy-free cake on offer! All in all a great day, that has me excited for next year's edition.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would've seen that I went a little crazy at 9 Tea Cups stall. Everything they produce is dairy-free, sometimes vegan and even gluten-free, my cup of tea basically! Everything I brought was beautiful, I love how they include their Persian heritage and Danish roots in all they do, it adds a great twist that I love! I attended the event with my mother, who went for a veggie pizza from Barebones Pizza, and I went for a Egg Hopper from Srilicious, which I had wanted to try for a long time and I was not disappointed. This was an event I attended last year and I loved how busy it was this year and the vast amount of food that was on offer. It just goes to show that veggie food is not boring!

Brum Bloggers Meet
Towards the end of June, I attended the first Brum Bloggers Meet at El Borracho de Oro, which was hosted by Laura (Full to the Brum) and Ting (The Ting Thing). The whole premise of the event was to hear the feedback of what Ting had found doing researching what PRs want from bloggers. The findings were quite thought-provoking and although most I had learnt during my time blogging, it was good to have it confirmed. Overall, a great first event held by these ladies and I went away motivated and ready to get blogging!

July is one of the busiest months yet, with alot scheduled in, to keep abreast of it all make sure to follow me on Twitter (@Nutella_Tasha) or on Snapchat (@Tasha2103).

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