New Menu: Itihaas

I am really selective about the places I go to for a curry, which is probably why I hardly ever go for one. I am of Asian heritage and my mother is an amazing cook, so I know a good curry when I eat one. So when I was invited along to Itihaas to have a taster of the new menu, I jumped at the chance. My mother has been there and enjoyed the food, a great recommendation, so I wondered how they would cater to my dietary needs.

Bistrot Pierre

French cuisine isn't something I tend to go for, as I feel most of the dishes are full of dairy or pork. However, it was nice to be invited to try out the newest French restaurant on the block, Bistrot Pierre, because the location and venue looked picturesque. But I wondered if the place had style AND substance. The restaurant is located on the canal-side, just a stone throws away from The Mailbox. The canal views and stunning venue are topped off with a balcony and a porch. It is the perfect place for date night or for when the weather is behaving. The restaurant encompasses what I think a sleek, modern Parisian restaurant would be like.

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