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Summer has been super busy and I haven't been able to blog about every single thing that I have done foodie wise in July and August. So here's a summary of the last couple of months.

When I went to Natural Healthy Foods, I picked up a vegan gluten-free pizza base. I put my mothers bolognese sauce on it, some sweetcorn, a little vegan cheese and a drizzle of sriracha. I have to say it was one of the best pizzas, if not THE best pizza I have ever had. You need to try it!

Annexe is a french place that is well loved by many bloggers in Birmingham. So being invited to try the new menu left me excited. The canapes, live music and conversation were flowing on the night. The dairy-free options were not plentiful and I had to keep asking about each dish, which was a tad annoying. However, I plan to try out the restaurant properly and see how they fare then.

Zen Metro is a place I hadn't even heard of until I got invited to the launch. On the night, there was a lot of delicious canapes, a man playing the saxophone and a stunning cherry blossom in the centre of the room. The food was delicious and I was able to try a ton of the canapes, score!

The Colmore Food Festival is a yearly event that I always try to attend. This year the weather was beautiful, there was a lot of choices for food and drink, and a lot of merry people enjoying it. I tried out Samosa Chaat from Asha's and Pad Thai from Zen Metro. The Samosa Chaat was amazing and made me want to try out the restaurant for the first time. I have tried my fair share of Samosa Chaats and this was the best by far. However the Pad Thai, was less than perfect. The noodles were gloppy, it was bland and the whole thing was cold. It says it all that I didn't even finish. Very different to the food at the Zen Metro launch. All in all, I know I will be going to the event next year.

I was lucky enough to go to Nottingham Belfry for a spa break with 2 of my amazing friends. Whilst we were there, we had dinner. I was amazed at how they catered to my dietary requirements and the seabass was even better than the one I had at Bistrot Pierre. We also visited the cat cafe and were a little disappointed at how corporate the place was. Great that we tried it but never again.

I was able to attend the AC Hotel Birmingham launch and try some of the foodie offerings. They made me something special to try, which was lovely of them. It was canapes that consisted of courgette, olives, peppers and artichoke. Just beautiful! The live music on the night was great and we even had a tour of one of the rooms. The views were great and all of the hotel rooms are equipped with Sky TV, a coffee machine and a mini bar, which is great in my eyes.

I heard about Fat Chicken on Stratford Rd and knew i had to try it. The place was nice, clean and well organised. However, no allergens were labelled on the menu. The fries, chips and onion rings were mediocre, the chicken in the basket was not so fat. But the bun less chicken burger was a sure fire favourite of mine and my mothers. We will be back for that!

I love tea and cake. Especially when it is loose leaf tea and vegan cake. So a visit to Waterstones cafe is always a good choice. They have an array of loose leaf teas and vegan cakes. The lemon muffin had a lemony centre and the tea was awesome. The tea is really good value for money, as you get 4 cupfuls from the pot. Which made me think this would be the ideal place to have a blogging day. 

The Mockingbird has screenings of a variety of classics. However, the one that stuck out to me was 10 Things About You. It's a movie that I have had a long running love for so I knew I had to see it. The movie was ace, I realised that I know the whole dialogue and that it is filmed in a stop and start, play-like way, which made me question my adoration of it a little. We also dined there and the vegan option was a little lacklustre but the sweet potato fries were nice.

And Bingo was his name-o! I love to play bingo, I just don't get to play it. Then I heard about an event that included bingo, street food and vintage games, so I knew I had to attend. The bingo was a bit of a disappointment but it made me want to go to Gala Bingo. The food wasn't too bad but the dairy-free options were non-existent.

For the lovely Ting's birthday, we went to the Boston Tea Party for a little brunch. It was a lovely and enjoyable afternoon. And as I am looking for a brunch place that is as good as Marmaduke in Sheffield, I had poached eggs, mushrooms, hummus, peppers and rye bread. It was tasty but not presented in the nicest fashion but the eggs were perfect! However, the search continues!

On the lookout for the best brunch place in town, I tried out Urban Coffee and again, I was disappointed. Burnt sourdough toast and hard poached eggs says it all.

And that's it folks. I wonder what I will be getting up to in September and October? Well, stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, have a look at what I got up to in May and June or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

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