As you all know by now, I love food and this is reflected in the restaurant choices I make. I prefer places that have substance over style, places that not have the fanciest interior but their food is top notch. You know, those diamonds in the rough. So, an invite to Rofuto threw my usual view into disarray. Would it be able to deliver style and substance and change my usual ethos? Read on to find out.
Rofuto is located on the Five Ways roundabout, at the bottom of Broad St and the top of Hagley Road. It's on the 16th floor of the Park Regis Hotel and has the most stunning views, as you can see from the image above. I never knew Birmingham could be just THAT pretty.

The decor is a mix of luxury with gentlemen's club colour scheme and a little oriental flair. I particularly loved the detail above the main bar area, as seen in the image above.

I have visited Rofuto on two occasions now and on the first time, the vegan menu was already thought out for me and my cousin, Annie. We were given Salted Edamame Beans to start off. They were slightly salted, hot and in a generous portion. I am not a huge fan of Edamame Beans but these were amazing! I liked how they were slightly salted and the perfect temperature.

They brought out a mixed platter of sushi. It contained only the vegan options. Some of which were Vegetarian Futomaki and Cucumber and Roasted Sesame Hosomaki. The platter was delicious and proved that sushi does not have to contain seafood to be good. It wasn't quite up to the standard of Sushi Passion but it was still delicious. I liked the way they presented the sushi on a slate with pickled ginger, wasabi and physalis.

Next up was the Tempura Vegetables, which contained aubergine, sweet potato and courgette. The tempura was thin yet delicious and the vegetables were perfectly al dente. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was lovely and I like the selection of vegetables that were used, especially the courgette flower.

Next up was the Aubergine Kushiyaki with a peanut sauce, a vegan alternative for the dish. I loved how hot the aubergine was, in temperature that is, the cubes were the perfect portion, it wasn't rubbery and went amazingly well with the peanut sauce. Definitely one of my favourite dishes! God knows I love aubergine, so I was happy that this dish did major justice to my favourite vegetable.

I don't have ramen very often because I don't normally like the fuss of having noddles and broth but this changed my mind. The Miso, Shitake Mushroom and Truffle Ramen was the a beautiful mix of sweet, sour and creaminess. As a lover of mushrooms, it was the perfect dish for me!

Annie had the Halibut Champagne Yuzu Miso with Pak Choi. I liked the fat portion of fish and the sauce and how the whole dish worked so well together. Especially the sweetness of the pomegranate with the slight sour taste of the pak choi and miso. Needless to say, she also loved it!

My dessert was the Kisetsu Fruid Salad, which was an array of tropical fruit with passionfruit sorbet. This platter was the stuff of dreams. All my favourite tropical fruits all in one place and the sorbet was to die for. This platter was all gone by the end. Literally heaven on a plate for me!

On my second trip to the restaurant, I went for a completely different menu. I had the standard Mixed Sushi Platter, ensuring the options were dairy-free, which was tasty but I don't like the fact that all of the sushi is chosen by the chef, it would be great if you could choose it. I think I would just order one sushi option next time because of this. Then I went for the Salt and Pepper Squid, which was the best I have ever tried. Crispy, full of flavour and a great portion. Lastly, finishing off with the Saffron Miso Black Cod and Razor Clams. The black cod was stunning, it just melted in my mouth and worked well with the creamy sauce. I have never had razor clams before so I was curious to try them. I enjoyed them too but wish there was more of them. Instead of having dessert, we decided to go for the dessert cocktails. I went for the Raspberry Sabaku and it was creamy, lovely and all kinds of gorgeous! All the cocktails are amazing at Rofuto, make sure you try them all!

Overall, I loved both trips to Rofuto. The service, view and Japanese food was of the highest quality imaginable. It is crazy to think the restaurant has only been open since March this year and has already gained such a following. The only thing that slightly irks me is the prices, they are pretty steep. However, it is a great place to visit for a special occasion. On my second trip, I took full advantage of a 50% discount but it was still expensive but I have no regrets because it was just SO DAMN GOOD! In answer to the question at the beginning of this post, yes it does deliver style AND substance.

Would I go back? Yes

Why? Amazing food, drinks and place.

How was the service? Friendly, attentive and couldn't do enough, on both occasions.

How did they cope with the dairy-free dietary requirement? Very easily as everything is made fresh and without the dish feeling like an element is lacking.

What are the prices like? Expensive but the price is reflected in the quality.

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Have you been? What did you think?

*Many thanks to the team at Rofuto for looking after me both times. FYI my first visit was via an invite from a PR company so it was complementary*

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