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I love Instagram. I really do. For a variety of reasons. One being that it allows me to scope out all the best vegan places in a number of cities, especially London. As well as allowing me to find people that love the same kind of food as I do. With that being said, I have listed my top-5 favourite Instagram profiles. They are the profiles that I always look at, look forward to seeing what they will do next and the profiles that give me inspiration for awesome vegan food. I have been dairy-free for a while now and have just recently become pescatarian too. Eventually, I want to be vegan and these guys show me that it's easier then I think and not ridiculously expensive.

The first on the list is The Healthy Beard, a plant-based vegan food blogger based in Manchester that I quite recently started to follow. I like his recipes but his pics blow me away. Especially seeing how innovative he is with his ingredients and presentation. I would eat everything on his feed happily! One of my favourites that he posted about recently is in the pic above. A almond butter and jelly muffin, vegan of course. If your mouth isn't salivating looking at this pic then you ain't human!

Whenever I go to London, I make sure to visit Vegans of London's Instagram profile, so I can make a list of places to visit. The profile is run by @gymfreebunny aka Serena Lee and covers everything from snacks, desserts, mains and everything in between. If there is vegan food worth knowing about in London then it will be on this Instagram profile! I mean, just look at the image above of the dates available in Harrods.

If you know me then you will know of my love for The Warehouse Cafe. It's my favourite restaurant in Birmingham for a number of reasons. Now they don't update their Instagram profile as much as they should but when they do, it's a great day. It's amazing that Birmingham is the second city and we don't have a abundance of vegan restaurants, however this restaurant (although veggie and not vegan) is doing a damn good job at paving the way.

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My penultimate Instagrammer is Farmacy UK. A London-based restaurant that is owned by Mohammed Al-Fayed's daughter Camilla. They are all about healthy food that caters to all dietary requirements easily and very well. Everytime I see any of their images pop up on IG, I feel hungry and want to catch the next train to London.

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Last but not least, it's Aine Carlin. I have to be honest I hadn't heard about this lovely lady until a friend of mine gave me her first recipe book as a gift (thanks Charlie!). Her recipes are amazing, easy to follow, tasty and all vegan. And her Instagram is just as tasty-looking. Plus the lady has a liking for red lipstick, always a good thing in my book. All in all, making her Instagram feed a must-follow for all foodies!

Those are my top 5 favourite vegan Instagrammers, who are yours?

**(The images shown in this post are not mine and are owned by the Instagrammers mentioned in this post)**

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