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When you have dietary requirements, finding a restaurant where you can have more than one options is the ultimate luxury. So you can imagine how I felt to be able to get the opportunity to try out the Autumn/Winter Menu at Bistro 1847. It was a great evening with a three-course extravaganza with a bunch of lovely bloggers. If you are not aware of Bistro 1847, it is located in the Great Western Arcade, which is starting to become a haven for foodies.

I have been to Bistro 1847 once before, enjoyed it but felt the portions were a tad too small for me, especially when there are places like The Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham, that give great food, flavours and portions. I'm Asian, we don't do small in any way! However, ever since going pescatarian I have a new appreciation for good veggie food and as you can see from the images, the portion sizes have got considerably better and I didn't have to have a slice of toast when I got home. Score!

Anyways, as we ordered our dishes there was olives on the table and Focaccia with Shakshuka Hummous was served. I love bread, especially the homemade and well made kind; which made this focaccia with hummus a welcome start to the meal for me. The bread was soft, warm and just chunky enough, whilst the hummus was creamy, tasty and slightly salted. Beautiful!

For my starter, I opted for Grilled Baby Gem Lettuce, Butternut, Medjool Dates and Ricotta. If you know me then you know I love dates and this why I went for this option, because I was intrigued as to how they would use it. It seemed to be pureed into a chutney form and was a good sweet combo to the hearty, slightly sour ricotta. Add to that the crunchy and slightly charcoaled baby gem lettuce and butternut and you are on to a winner. I liked all the flavours together and felt it was well thought through. By this point I was in a happy anticipation for my main.

Which did not disappoint! That main was Chickpea Flatbread, Calvolo Nero (my new favourite green vegetable), Mushroom, Toasted Quinoa, Yogurt and Chilli. Every thing about this dish gave me a foodgasm. The chickpea flatbread was nice but I felt it added nothing to the dish, however the mushrooms were perfect, smooth but not mushy nor hard and subtle with flavour. Add to that the crunchy green of the calvolo nero and the pièce de résistance of the toasted quinoa, which I felt was a ridiculously great way to add quinoa. This was then topped off with two sauces, which were chilli and yogurt, which worked really well with each other. I really liked this dish, especially the amount of different textures within it. 

Last but not least is the dessert, which was Coconut Malabi, Apple Rice Donuts and Caramelised Pear. I enjoyed this dish, especially as it wasn't too sickly sweet. The donuts were quite interesting, although I wish they weren't filled with apple rice because it added a mushiness that was already in the dish because of the malabi. If they had just been filled with the malabi and then served with more crunch, perhaps a peanut brittle, I would've loved it even more. However, the caramelised pear took my breath away. A great dish that was good but could have been great.

Overall, I was impressed by the options on this menu by Bistro 1847 and feel that I will be going back soon, especially as I see their portions and flavours have improved massively.

**Thank you to Bistro 1847 for the invite and hospitality. Although this meal was complimentary, my views are my own.**

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