Top 5 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait for Vegan Life Live

I love going to foodie events, especially vegan events. And 2016 was a great year of events for me, the best being VegFest in London. Not only because it gave me an excuse to go to London but because I got the opportunity to try a number of foods I hadn't before and meet vendors I hadn't met before. And 2017 is starting off ace with Vegan Life Live, on 7th and 8th January, at Alexandra Palace. It's the first time that this event is taking place and there are a number of reasons as to why I cannot wait.

I was able to try out Yorica around the time it first opened, around a year ago, and wasn't that impressed by the vegan ice-cream treats. However, they have added more items to their menu, such as waffles and crepes, which I haven't had either of in a couple of years, so I know I will be making a beeline for their stand at Vegan Life Live. I wasn't that enthused at this place at the time because with every mouthful I felt as if something was missing. Something that I do not get when I have good vegan food. It's like food FOMO. I'm hoping that my mind will be changed and I become a lover of the eatery, as I know a number of vegans are.
Happy Maki
You can find good fish sushi, good meat sushi but veggie sushi can be a little lacklustre. However, Happy Maki is changing that. I haven't had a chance to try this eatery out yet, as everytime I come across them, they had a line that goes out the door. I mean they seem to love avocado as much as I do. I'm hoping to get to Vegan Life Live early, to avoid the mahoosive queues, and have breakfast at this stand and breakfast dessert at Yorica. They now have a eatery in Brighton, which is another city I am yet to explore.

A vegan burger is somewhat easy to come by now but a good vegan is not so easy. I've been loving Byron at the moment for my vegan burger fix but I reckon Mooshie will give them a run for their money. I keep seeing them on various Instagram profiles and the burgers just look AMAZING. I am particularly liking the sound of the pulled jackfruit burger called Pulled Mooshie and Fillet-Om-Phish, a battered aubergine burger that resembles a fillet-o-fish. Also, they will have vegan cheezy chips, something I used to live off in my uni days, pre being dairy free. I think I will need a second stomach for the amount of food I want to consume at Vegan Life Live, especially these burgers!

Pomodoro E Basilico
These guys sell out pretty sharpish at every vegan festival I go to and regardless of how hard I try, I am still yet to try anything. The leading lady of this catering company is Italian and does everything with an Italian twist. I really want to try their twix bars and pulled jackfruit burger AKA The Jack Burger. I also hope she has the donuts or buddha bowls she has been showing off on Instagram. Because they look AMAZING!

What the Pitta
Vegan doner, say what?! I used to love a doner kebab, precaring about my arteries and animals. So I am kinda intrigued to see what these guys have to offer. What I really really want to try out from these guys is their vegan baklava. I mean, I friggin' love baklava but it's full of butter so I need to try out these guilt-free option. JME is rumoured to be a fan so I know they will have a queue a mile long!

I am also looking forward to seeing The Indian Lunchbox folks at the festival, I know they will do well with their light but traditional Indian street food.

Not long to go now and the anticipation is building for me! Are you attending? What are you excited for?

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