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There are so many good places to eat in Birmingham that some places go to the back of your mind. One of those is Yo Sushi for me, which I recently revisited because of the recent buzz about their vegan dishes.
I revisited back in January, when they had the Yo Festival in place and wondered why I hadn't been in so long. There are branches in Selfridges and Grand Central in Birmingham. I have to say that I prefer the Grand Central, as it's slighter quieter than Selfridges however it's also quite cold. Total catch 22 situation. Anyways back to the food. 

First off, we have the Pumpkin Katsu, which is described as being "naturally sweet, crispy bites of kabocha pumpkin, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce". I love pumpkin, one of the many reasons why I love Halloween, and this is why this dish sings to me. I like how crispy yet sweet and moorish this dish is. I especially love the tonkatsu sauce, it's slighter bitter and sticky and works well with the sweet and crunchy pumpkin katsu. I just wish that there was more on the plate.

Here we have the Inari Sushi, which is a sweet dish that is sticky rice contained within a soft beancurd. I see this dish as more of a dessert dish but it's so good that I would happily have it at any point. I like how this rice dish is sweet yet sticky. An ideal portion for one too! When I first saw this dish I thought it would contain dairy, as it just looked too good to be true.

Here we have the Vegetable Gyoza, which are basically veggie dumplings that are served with soy sauce. Simplistic and full of flavour. I'm not a fan of these dumplings because they are a tad too basic for me. But I like the how they are soft yet crispy, a great thing for a texture fiend like me.

A dish that is one of my all time favourites from Yo Sushi, is this dish. The Harusame Aubergine Otsumami. Fried slices of aubergine that have been drenched in a soy sauce and ginger dressing. Again, I wish there was more of this because it's just that good. Simple, yes. But so much depth of flavour that I'd happily have this every day. It also helps that aubergine is my favourite vegetable, yes I have a favourite.

Last but not least is the Tofu Katsu Curry. The dish that made me go back to Yo Sushi after years of not, after seeing on numerous vegan Instagram accounts. The sauce is banging. The rice is sticky. The tofu is soft in the centre and crispy on the outside. It's just pure perfection! I can totally see why it was voted the best vegan curry by PETA.

Overall, I like Yo Sushi. It is a tad expensive, especially when you compare it to Wasabi and Sushi Passion, but you can't get these dishes elsewhere. This is why I will be there on Monday for Blue Plate Mondays. The service is always good too. I really cannot fault this place.

Do you go to Yo Sushi? What's your favourite dish?

*I was not paid to do this review and paid for all the dishes myself, like the grown up I am*

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