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Can you believe there isn't a completely vegan eatery in Birmingham City Centre? Well, there wasn't until now. Natural Healthy Foods (NHF) has arrived and I am so glad it has. There are two NHF branches in Birmingham. The first is a vegan grocery store in Digbeth, which has been there for around 2 years now, I think. The second is the new vegan buffet eatery in Birmingham City Centre. Ok, so now the intro is done what is the food like and is it worth you visiting? Well, you have to read on to find out!

Nutella Travels: Berlin

Back in February, I went on a girlie holiday with a handful of friends to the alleged vegan capital of Europe, Berlin. Whilst I was there, I encountered some amazing vegan food. Although the city wasn't quite what I expected, the food was good and the vegan options were plentiful. So I thought I would list some of the best places I found whilst in Berlin. Because I don't know about you but I love discovering new food whilst travelling, especially good food.

Bodega: New Menu

When one of your favourite places invites you to try out their new menu, you say yes, times infinity. That's exactly what happened when I received the invite to try out the new menu at Bodega. It's funny how it panned out that week, I ended up going to the eatery three times. Once for the blogger event and twice with two different set of friends. Every time, I had something from the new menu but there was one particular dish that turned me on the right way. Read on for all the new fish and vegan options on the menu (three in total) and my opinion on them.

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