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When one of your favourite places invites you to try out their new menu, you say yes, times infinity. That's exactly what happened when I received the invite to try out the new menu at Bodega. It's funny how it panned out that week, I ended up going to the eatery three times. Once for the blogger event and twice with two different set of friends. Every time, I had something from the new menu but there was one particular dish that turned me on the right way. Read on for all the new fish and vegan options on the menu (three in total) and my opinion on them.

Plantain Salad
I love bananas of any kind, so to see plantain in a salad was a dream come true. Especially as it's a combo of lettuce, avo and chilli all rolled into one. However, the plantain was the sticky caramelised soft version I am used to. Instead it is sticky and hard. I love the idea of this dish but the plantain and large pierces of lettuce, I feel, let it down. Instead, the lettuce could be could be cut thinly with carrot and the plantain could be of the beautiful variety. Then I think it could be perfection!

Black Beans, Roasted Veg, Sweetcorn Kernels & Confit Tomatoes
Veg tacos can be a thing of beauty, if the right ingredients are used. In this case, I don't think the right ones were. Why not add chunks of plantain and avo to this? I feel that could step this dish up to 100. In short, this was a little boring and the old recipe was so much better. Why fix it if it ain't broke.

Homemade Baja Battered Mahi-Mahi Fish & Coriander
The normal version of this contains slaw but as I wanted it to be dairy-free, that was omitted. Regardless of that, these fish tacos are the bomb. Succulent, full of flavour and a very generous portion. The tacos used to be served in one large plate and there were 3. Now, they are served in a taco stand and there are 4. So much more value for money. Make a dairy-free slaw and this would go from 99.9% amazing to 100%.

Overall, the new options at Bodega are great. So regardless of your dietary requirements, you are sure to find something here that not only tickles your tastebuds but satisfy it.

**Many thanks to Bodega for inviting me to the new menu tasting. I cannot wait to come back for more fish tacos!**

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