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Can you believe there isn't a completely vegan eatery in Birmingham City Centre? Well, there wasn't until now. Natural Healthy Foods (NHF) has arrived and I am so glad it has. There are two NHF branches in Birmingham. The first is a vegan grocery store in Digbeth, which has been there for around 2 years now, I think. The second is the new vegan buffet eatery in Birmingham City Centre. Ok, so now the intro is done what is the food like and is it worth you visiting? Well, you have to read on to find out!

The eatery is located just opposite The Mailbox, just around the corner from Cherry Reds. The place has a lot of natural light which makes it a great place to meet friends, dine in and the perfect place to take pictures. The natural vibe is throughout the eatery with wood panels and tables. It's a nice place to watch the world go by in too. The place is a buffet but you pay for the food by weight. So, the more you put on your plate the more you eat. This doesn't apply to the desserts, which are all £3.95 usually. There is also a shop attached to the eatery, which is a good place to pick up a few essentials.

I have been fortunate to visit the eatery on several occasions and have been able to get a thorough understanding of it. The food is all natural, refined sugar-free and obviously vegan. The options are plentiful and there is always a great selection, especially when it comes to the desserts. So far, I have tried carrot cake, key lime pie, chia seed pudding, and chocolate and ginger cake. All of which were raw and AMAZING!

There are hot and cold options available. That range from sushi, raw pad thai, hummus, pasta to South Indian curry and vegan shepherd's pie. Every time I go there are different options available that are all made to a high standard. The place is always busy too, which is great to see!

Chia Seed Pudding

As lovely as the food is, I feel you could potentially make it all at home. However, if you are vegan or dairy-free or want something a little more healthy, it is the best option. As you don't have to worry and the selections are always different, plentiful, tasty and never bland. I saw the other day that they are experimenting with masala dosa and I cannot wait to try that out!

The latte selection is also great here. So far, I have tried the golden turmeric latte and the chocolate latte and enjoyed them both. It's nice to finally have an eatery in town that plays around with their hot drinks that I can try!

Key Lime Pie

Chocolate and Ginger Cake

Carrot Cake and Chocolate Latte
Overall, I love Natural Healthy Foods and their whole ethos. I like sitting there to have lunch but I especially like grabbing a piece of cake and a latte. The dessert options seem to get better and better everytime I go and I enjoy trying a different hot drink every time. The lunch options are great if you want something healthy and tasty. But because the food is paid for by weight, it can get a tad expensive. The plate of food that I had in one of the pics above, cost me around £14. But it was a generous portion and I was full for the rest of the day. They also have take out boxes that are around £6 and you can fit a hefty portion into that too. I think if you wanted a little something to tide you over before dinner then this would be the ideal place to go, however with the amount of options they have it can be hard to stop. I cannot wait to go back VERY soon.

Have you been? What were your thoughts?

**All the options expressed in this blog are my own and I paid for all the food that has been featured in this blog**

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