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Back in February, I went on a girlie holiday with a handful of friends to the alleged vegan capital of Europe, Berlin. Whilst I was there, I encountered some amazing vegan food. Although the city wasn't quite what I expected, the food was good and the vegan options were plentiful. So I thought I would list some of the best places I found whilst in Berlin. Because I don't know about you but I love discovering new food whilst travelling, especially good food.

Bagel, Coffee and Culture

Within walking distance of where I was staying was a bagel place called Bagels, Coffee and Culture. They serve a variety of bagels and juices. It's a quirky place with friendly staff which made it the best place for breakfast. I visited on a couple occasions, on the first I had a juice and the second I had a juice and a bagel. I was craving eggs at this point, sorry vegan friends, so I went for a guac and egg bagel. It was so good, especially as the eggs were super runny. The juices were awesome and made in-house from fresh fruit and veg. There were also vegan bagel options too so you won't go wrong here.


One of the best places I discovered was Goodies. For their innovative, healthy and amazing array of vegan options. That included desserts, bagels, breakfast options and wraps. I loved it so much that I made sure the day before I left that I purchased a bagel for the flight. I think I went bagel crazy whilst I was in Berlin. Because I loved the variety of bagels but I loved the toppings even more, especially the Grilled Aubergine & BBQ Sweet Potato that was available at Goodies. I would happily go back to Berlin just to visit this place and buy the whole counter.


Just opposite the Goodies I visited, there was a Veganz supermarket. There was everything you could ever need here. Sweet stuff, veg, fruit, cans, a pick and mix nuts and dried fruits selection and even ice-creams. Basically everything you would find in your local supermarket but all vegan. I think if I was ever to visit Berlin again, I would get a AirBnB and raid Veganz. A lot of what was on offer, you are able to find in England. However, the chocolates and the pizza shown above you can't. As well as a whole host of other items, I didn't have space for. Definitely the place to visit for a snack or to stock up on groceries.


Whilst on holiday I downloaded the Happy Cow app, as it allows you to track down the nearest vegan places or nearest places with vegan options, which is how I found this gem. The place is called Momos and they do Nepalese dumplings. All of what they serve is vegetarian but they have 3 vegan options. I liked how delicate the dumplings were, you could tell they were made from scratch, how cost effective it was and they made a perfect starter.

Alnutura Bio SuperNaturMarkt

I love discovering the vegan options that are available at supermarkets. One supermarket that caught my eye and stomach was Alnutura Bio SuperNaturMarkt. It's a natural supermarket, like Wholefoods, and I loved the vegan sweet treats they had. I took them with me as I explored Berlin. They were so different from the norm you get in Birmingham. I mean there was no dark chocolate or peanut in sight!  


Last but not least, is Kopps. A vegan eatery where I enjoyed the most exquisite dessert I have ever had. I wasn't able to have dinner there but the Chocolate Lava Cake made me wish I had. The eatery is a little out of the way but the staff are friendly, you are able to try out little tasters and everything is vegan. The standard of the food is just amazing here, which is something that is missing from some other vegan places I have visited. I mean, look at that oozing chocolate!

So, there are my Berlin choices. Which places would you recommend?

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