The Best Places in Birmingham for Vegan Cake

Sometimes you get a craving that only cake can fix. Whether it's because you're having a bad day, suffering from PMS or just broken up with the love of your life, cake can fix that pain. So where the hell in Birmingham do you go to get a good slice of vegan cake? Well, I've made a list that shall help you in your quest to make your day that much better. Check it out below.

It's Tapas Time Again!

 I didn't realise it has been nearly two years since my last review of Tapas Revolution. Since then, I have visited Tapas Revolution on a number of occasions. However, the location of Grand Central is something that always bugs me. As it doesn't feel private enough, warm enough or quiet enough. This is why I haven't visited the place as much as possible. Especially with great tapas places like El Borracho de Oro in existence in Birmingham. So how would Tapas Revolution fare 2 years later? With the added competition and novelty of Grand Central gone? Read on to find out.

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