It's Tapas Time Again!

 I didn't realise it has been nearly two years since my last review of Tapas Revolution. Since then, I have visited Tapas Revolution on a number of occasions. However, the location of Grand Central is something that always bugs me. As it doesn't feel private enough, warm enough or quiet enough. This is why I haven't visited the place as much as possible. Especially with great tapas places like El Borracho de Oro in existence in Birmingham. So how would Tapas Revolution fare 2 years later? With the added competition and novelty of Grand Central gone? Read on to find out.
I never realised that they have a great selection of juices on the menu, such as the grape juice shown in the first pic. The juice was refreshing, tangy and tasty. A great addition to the menu and I reckon this juice would be ace with breakfast or brunch. 

 First up, is the classic of Pan de Tomate. I love Spanish/Catalan bread. It tastes so good. Soft and fluffy in the centre and crunchy and crispy on the outside. It just blows me away, especially when it comes with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a layer of blended tomato. And this bread was no exception. Just so good!

Which was then followed by another favourite, Tortilla de Patatas. Just like last time, it was beautiful. It was nice to see this hasn't changed and that it now comes a great sauce alternative, of the spicy tomato kind. 

Ever since I visited Barcelona, I have been in love with black paella aka Arroz Negro. It has the stickiness of paella, a handful of seafood and it's black, which speaks volumes to my Gothic tendencies. And this did not disappoint. So tasty.

Last but not least, is the Ensalada de Primavera. Asparagus, jersey royals, boiled egg and gem lettuce with a drizzle olive oil. This salad was fresh and liked the mixture of all the veggies but there was a tad too much olive oil in the salad for me. Take a majority of that out and add a touch of lemon and it would be a winner for me.

The selection that I enjoyed at Tapas Revolution was pretty much the same as last time, except one dish. Each dish was presented well and was of a good quality. There is hardly any vegan options on the menu, perhaps three in total. All of which are more like sides than mains. In that case I wouldn't recommend this place for vegans. However, for meat eaters, egg and bread lovers I would say you cannot go wrong by going here. Also, the service has been good on every occasion that I have visited the restaurant. But I don't think this would be enough to make this a first choice for tapas for dinner, that will always go to El Borracho de Oro.

**This dinner was complimentary in exchange for a review but my views are my own**

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