The Best Places in Birmingham for Vegan Cake

Sometimes you get a craving that only cake can fix. Whether it's because you're having a bad day, suffering from PMS or just broken up with the love of your life, cake can fix that pain. So where the hell in Birmingham do you go to get a good slice of vegan cake? Well, I've made a list that shall help you in your quest to make your day that much better. Check it out below.


Cherry Reds
This is one of my favourite places for a cup of tea and coffee cake, especially because of a slice always being a large slab.

The Warehouse Cafe
The best I have had at TWC is the Almond and Jackfruit Brulee. It sounds weird but it was beyond amazing! But that's not cake. So if you need a cake fix, you cannot go wrong with the Chocolate Brownie.

Natural Healthy Foods
Raw cakes are what they specialise in and I particularly love their carrot cake and, although not a cake, the chia pudding.

Peel and Stone
Their peanut butter brownie always makes me want more. Well priced, tasty and high quality, you cannot go wrong.

This new pop-up on New St doesn't have many vegan cake options but what they do have, when I visited, was awesome. It was an Oreo Cookie Cupcake that contained coconut milk. I think it was made for me. Soft, not too sweet and a whole Oreo on top. I'm in love!

Mobile Vendors

Unless Hardcore Catering
UHC can be found at most vegan fairs around the UK and they may not have a lot of cake options but the options they do have are amazing. Especially the NY Cheesecake that melts in your mouth and tastes better than any dairy version I have ever had.

The May Bakery
I encountered this bakery recently at the Solihull Vegan Fair and loved their Lotus Biscoff Cupcake and marble cake. I highly recommend you try these guys at vegan food fairs.

9 Teacups
I love the ladies that run 9 Teacups, not just because their cakes have a Middle Eastern and Scandinavian twist to them but because of the work that they do. They sell their cakes online and can be found at selective food fairs around the UK.


The Vegan Cakery
These guys are the best and this is why they always sell out at vegan fairs. Anything I try from them I love and I am sure you will or do feel the same.

I love the way that these guys label their cakes, it makes it so easy to know what is vegan and what isn't. Plus their selection of vegan cakes is always a little off kilter from the typical chocolate brownie.

200 Degrees
Try the chocolate brownie or a banana and walnut loaf. Both are seriously tasty and beautiful with a cup of tea or coffee.

Also Zizzi and Ask Italian are doing great vegan cakes too.

Where would you go for vegan cake?

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