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Pies are life. And someone who cannot have dairy and prefers vegan options, pies are not in my life anymore. So, when I heard about Pieminister arriving in Birmingham, I knew I had to try it out. So I got in touch with the folks over at Pieminister to talk to them about their vegan options and at the potential of doing a review. They offered to let me do a complimentary review but let me know that they only had one vegan option, with more coming in January, which I am excited to taste!

But in the meantime, I went to try their only vegan option. I like the look of the restaurant, it's quite hipster, sleek, brick wall, cool-looking lights and it reminded a lot of Bristol. Then I found out the brand originated from Bristol, so that was why. Figures. 

The only vegan option was the Meany Bean skillet, which is the filling of a pie presented in a piping hot cast iron skillet. Loved how it was presented and how it didn't get cold. The dish itself had a lovely amount of potatoes, butternut squash and mixed beans chilli. Looking at it now is making me hungry. Eventhough I did want a little mash potato or pastry, it still tasted amazing. And I would happily have it again!

Overall, I loved my experience at Pieminister and would highly recommend it to vegans in Birmingham and beyond. The service was ace too!

Would I go back? Yes

Why? Tasty and innovative vegan option, relaxed vibe and great service.

How was the service? Similar ordering method as Nandos that makes life easy and they were friendly and knowledgeable. So good!

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? I already knew what the vegan options were but I still asked and they also knew. It was also clearly labelled on the menu.

What are the prices like? The skillet would normally be £7.50 and considering the portion size and how tasty it was, that is really reasonable.

More information - Pieminister website

Have you been? What did you think?

**Many thanks to the team at Pieminister for giving me the opportunity to try out the restaurant and for letting me know about the vegan options. I look forward to trying out the vegan options that will be launched in January. FYI the meal was complimentary but my views are my own**

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