Tamatanga: First Impressions of the Vegan Menu

When a new place opens in Birmingham, my curiosity ensures I try it out ASAP. This is how I felt when Tamatanga opened up a few weeks ago and I have been able to try it twice already. On the two occasions, I tried different dishes off the vegan menu. Each occasion was vastly different. Both are shown in images and descriptions below. Of course, when a place is new there will be kinks they will need to sort out. So I am taking that into account and plan to revisit the eatery in a couple of months.

Thrive Festival 2017: The Best Bits

Food festivals are my favourite thing. Lots of different high-quality vendors that love food as much as I do, what is there not to love?! So with this in mind, off I went to Birmingham's first healthy festival aka Thrive Festival 2017 at The Bond in Digbeth. The last time I went to this venue I was there for the Independent Birmingham Festival last year. That event had barely any vegan/dairy-free options for me but that wasn't the case this time. Thank God! Below are my top picks at the event. Some of the vendors were new to me but a number were some of my favourites on the Birmingham foodie scene.

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