I'm on a Mission for a Vegan Burrito!

The last time I visited Mission Burrito, I wasn't enthused. To be frank I was quite let down. So when I got invited to Mission Burrito's Blogger Evening. I was sceptical. Which was thankfully an opinion that was turned right around. 

T2 Tea Christmas Blogger Event

Tea is a beautiful thing. It may not actually cure everything but it can make you feel a damn sight better from anything that may be happening in your life. At least that's how I feel about it. Which is why I love the T2 store in Birmingham's Bullring. It's not only an aesthetically pleasing store but they also have a beautiful array of loose leaf teas and tea accessories. So being invited along to the T2 Tea Christmas Blogger Event felt like a dream. I know I say that about pretty much every event but I genuinely get excited and appreciative of them all. Unless they are dull, then I won't even mention them. Ever. They go into an abyss in my memory.

Keeping it Fressh!

When a new eatery opens in Birmingham, I become curious as to what their vegan options will be. That curiosity was heightened when Fressh opened up in late October, actually WAY before this when I heard that the place was gonna open, as they are fully vegan and have a look that is very similar to Eat by Chloe in New York. When I was invited to their soft launch, I was ready with my elasticated waistband and camera. I wanted to try it all and that's what I have tried to do. I have visited Fressh now a trio of times to ensure I was able to review it with a full knowledge of the service, some of the food and the prices.

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