T2 Tea Christmas Blogger Event

Tea is a beautiful thing. It may not actually cure everything but it can make you feel a damn sight better from anything that may be happening in your life. At least that's how I feel about it. Which is why I love the T2 store in Birmingham's Bullring. It's not only an aesthetically pleasing store but they also have a beautiful array of loose leaf teas and tea accessories. So being invited along to the T2 Tea Christmas Blogger Event felt like a dream. I know I say that about pretty much every event but I genuinely get excited and appreciative of them all. Unless they are dull, then I won't even mention them. Ever. They go into an abyss in my memory.

The event was a relaxed event with a number of Brummie bloggers in attendance, demos taking place and for me, it was a discovery. I had been in the store before but never taken the time to look around and smell the tea. I actually did that, I'm THAT person. You'll know by now that I only have caffeine-free hot drinks, hence my turmeric tea and peppermint tea addiction. If you didn't know, caffeine is one of my IBS triggers so I avoid it the majority of the time, unless an Espresso Martini is involved then it goes out the window. So I kept sniffing the tea and finally picked one that was decadent and sweet aka so Christmassy.
The tea is called Cocoa Loco and it's chocolate tea. Seriously, chocolate tea! I cannot wait to try it. As well as this purchase, I was gifted this Rhythms of Nature giftset. This included a Blue Peacock Cup and Saucer and the T2 Tutti Fruity tea. I also fell in love with the cat spoon, it's the most I have ever spent on a spoon but it was too good to let go of.

**Many thanks to T2 Tea for the invite to this great event and the gift, I loved my #T2Moment**

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