My Vegan Highlights of 2017

Vegan Highlights 2017
As you can see from my most liked images of 2017, this year has been a foodtastic year! This is why I decided to list some of my highlights of the year because there has been quite a few! Most are based in Birmingham, there are a few in London and some are in Berlin.

Not Dogs: The Vegan Christmas Options

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you would know that I have been wondering around Birmingham looking for the best vegan Christmas options. I've found a few but when you find one at an independent eatery, it's so much better. So venturing to Not Dogs to try out their Christmas options was a dream, especially as it's been nearly a year since the place opened in The Link between the Bullring and Grand Central.

Say what? Vegan Brunch at Natural Healthy Foods!

I love Natural Healthy Foods, their lunch/dinner options are great. You get healthy vegan options in the heart of Birmingham, what's not to love about that? So, finding out they were doing vegan brunch was like music to my ears. And then that I was invited to go try it out, was even better! Since then, they have also started doing a vegan Christmas dinner, which I also really want to try. I think I will end up living there! Anyways, back to the brunch...

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