My Vegan Highlights of 2017

Vegan Highlights 2017
As you can see from my most liked images of 2017, this year has been a foodtastic year! This is why I decided to list some of my highlights of the year because there has been quite a few! Most are based in Birmingham, there are a few in London and some are in Berlin.

Indian Streetfood

2017 seems to be the year that Indian Streetfood invaded Birmingham and I am so glad!

This eatery is based in Moseley and opened early in 2017. The service was great, the food was tasty and flavoursome and the vegan options were plentiful! There's even a vegan menu. I would highly recommend the Masala Dosa and Okra Fries. Full review here.

This new eatery landed on Bennetts Hill earlier this year after being a resident at Digbeth Dining Club for many years under the name of The Indian Rasoi. I love the look of this place, again the service was ace and the food was well-portioned and flavoursome. I'd highly recommend the Samosa Chaat and Bhartha. More information here.

Grand Central has a host of eateries that verge on the mediocre but I definitely can't put Mowgli into that group. It's the most recent addition to GC but it seems to winning people over, if the queue is anything to go by. Just don't go for their rotis, they look and taste like they come from a packet. But do give the Vegan Tiffin for One and the puri a go, you won't regret it! My first impression here.

I love Brunch, it just seems so decadent and fun. And I was overjoyed with these two eateries vegan options!

I love Natural Healthy Foods, their lunch options are great and I was very excited when they let me know that they were going to launch a brunch menu too. I tried their Natural Healthy Breakfast and I would highly recommend it, if you don't like it you're crazy! My full review here.

Kings Heath is a little out of the way for me but it was worth heading to for Bloom. I've only been once and loved their vegan option of Roasted Field and Baby Portabello Mushrooms, Kale, Bay Dressing, Cashew Cream, Sourdough Toast and Butter Bean Broth. I would highly recommend this place and their menu changes seasonally, so I look forward to seeing what their vegan option there are the next time I visit! More information here.

Burgers are the best but it can be hard to get a good vegan burger, that's no longer the case in Birmingham!

I've heard the Son of a Bun burger is good but my heart is with the What the Guac burger, it's just so good! The burger, the bun, the guac, the tortilla chips and jalapenos make it the best! I would also recommend the Taco Bowl, more details here.

Over the festive period Not Dogs had a number of Christmas options on the menu, that I was able to try. But the best out of all of them has to be the Burger with Bells on. It tastes like Christmas with sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, spinach and a 'chicken' burger. It's no longer on the menu, which is the saddest news ever! But the other burgers are good too, find out more here.

The best burger of all time goes to the Spooky Pumpkin Burger from V Burger in Camden. I was able to try it out when I visited London the last time. I can't even describe how amazing this burger was. You just have to go try it out! More information here.


You can't go wrong with a good dessert but finding a good vegan one is a little tricky, below is one of my favourite vegan places for dessert in Berlin and the other is a recommendation for vegan dessert in Birmingham.

Whilst on a girly holiday in Berlin in February, I ventured to a few vegan eateries to see whether Berlin really was a vegan paradise. I'm not 100% convinced but Kopps really did a good job to change my mind. This melt in the middle pudding had all of my tastebuds dancing like Beyonce. It was just incredible. Check out more about the dessert here and my Berlin trip here.

I love Warehouse Cafe, it's my favourite place to dine in Birmingham. But you guys all know this by now. Recently I went to try out the Christmas menu and was impressed but what I am always impressed by is their dessert options. They are indulgent, hit the sweet spot and are just so comforting. It's a vegan dessert heaven! My full review here and the last dessert I had there is here.

I didn't realise how much I missed pies until I tried these two options.

This pie shop is a recent addition to Stirchley and I loved the pie I had there. But what was most notable were the low prices, quality of the pies and the sheer choice. I need to go back! I would recommend the Lasange Pie but from what I've seen all the pies are good, just don't bother with the pizza. More details here.

Sometimes you don't want pastry and for those days, Pieminister has a great option. In the right hand-side image above, you will see the Meany Bean Skillet which is no longer on the menu. But they do have Roots Manoova and are soon getting Kevin, their new vegan pie WITH pastry. I cannot wait to try that out! Further details here

One of the foods I used to love before I went meat-free was Jerk Chicken and Plantain, especially when it was from Esmies. But I don't have to worry because they have vegan options, where they use soya to resemble jerk chicken that can be served with rice in a baked tortilla or in a deep-fried dumpling, which is my preferred choice. More information here.

Middle Eastern
Last but not least is Middle Eastern food, which is known for having plentiful vegan options. And the 3 eateries I have chosen, that are all based in Birmingham, know that quite well.

Based on Ladypool Rd, this eatery gives a slightly different option to the curry that the road is known for. They have amazing vegan options, such as pides and mixed mezze, both are worth trying for sure! More details here.

I'm addicted to their mezze, especially their Appetiser Mezze, as it contains hummus, baba ghanoush, olives, stuffed vine leave and batata harrara. Basically all of my favourites minus the falafel. Try it and you won't regret it! Although everything I have tried here is faultless, Further details here

This eatery doesn't look like much from the outside but that is the best thing about it! I can get the falafel platter for a fiver and it's just awesome and local to me too. Perfection! More information here.

And that's it! So much food, such little time! Here's to 2018 being a foodtastic time too. Happy New Year, folks!

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