Say what? Vegan Brunch at Natural Healthy Foods!

I love Natural Healthy Foods, their lunch/dinner options are great. You get healthy vegan options in the heart of Birmingham, what's not to love about that? So, finding out they were doing vegan brunch was like music to my ears. And then that I was invited to go try it out, was even better! Since then, they have also started doing a vegan Christmas dinner, which I also really want to try. I think I will end up living there! Anyways, back to the brunch...

God, I need a haircut but that Turmeric Latte would really help in this snowy weather right now.

I'm a greedy bitch so I tried two of the options on their brunch menu. First up, was the Energising Energy Bowl, which is one of the three Breakfast Smoothie Bowls on the menu (£4.95). This was tasty and tasted very natural, as in you could tell it didn't have any additives or preservatives in it. But it was a tad small, only because I was comparing it to the size of the Acai Bowl that I get from U Juice for £6. It's double the size and contains more fruit, however, it isn't as natural as this one.

The other option was The Natural Healthy Breakfast, which was beautiful, £9.95 and full of amazingness. Such as scrambled tofu, aubergine bacon, tomato, mushroom, greens, beans, organic gluten-free toast and hash browns. I seriously cannot fault this option. The bread was so tasty, you couldn't even tell it was gluten-free. Because it wasn't hard and tasted of bread and not air. The beans were beautifully flavoursome and creamy. The mushrooms were chunky (just like I like them) and the flavour wasn't over-spiced. The aubergine bacon was new to me and I liked how spicy it was. I've never had bacon but I really enjoyed this aubergine bacon because I'm an aubergine fiend. The scrambled tofu was spiced with turmeric, which gave it the yellow scrambled-egg like flavour, which was great. The greens, which was cabbage, was lovely and I liked how it was steamed and it worked well with everything else. And lastly, the hash browns. They were a little disappointing, as they were roast potatoes, which were great but I was expecting hash browns. If you love hash browns, you can feel me on this disappointment but overall it was amazing!

Would I go back? Yes, for sure!

Why? Everything is vegan, natural and so tasty. That I have seen many non-vegans love too.

How was the service? Friendly, attentive and knowledgeable about the options on the menu

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Everything is vegan, so there's no problem

What are the prices like? Pretty damn good and reasonable for the portion size

Have you been? What did you think?

**Many thanks to Natural Healthy Foods for the invite and for allowing me to eat so much. FYI this meal was complimentary**

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