First Impressions: Vegan Options at All Bar One

After watching Black Panther, my friend and I were looking around Brindley Place for somewhere to eat dinner. We stumbled upon All Bar One and saw they had kept their Veganuary menu. And it was on offer, which allows you to have two courses for £10.50. Not bad, right? So, how was the food?

For my starters, I went for the Seasonal Tempura Mushrooms with a toasted sesame and miso dip. I wasn't expecting the portion to be so big or the dip to be so nice. Overall, it was lovely. Light flavoursome batter that was complimented really well by the dip. But I did feel this was more of a side than a starter. My friend, Lia, had the Padron Peppers and she felt the same about her starter. Nice but more of a side. I wish I had gone for the Chilli non Carne Tacos, this is what happens when you're nattering more than concentrating on the menu haha.

For my main, I went for the Vegan Burger, which is described as being a "aubergine and harissa patty, beetroot houmous, re roasted peppers, served in an ancient grain bun with fries". The patty but nice and had a spicy zing to it, the houmous was a good addition that worked well, as did the peppers. It was no Fressh burger but it was ok. If you know me, you know that the tomato and onion went away quickly. Even without this, it was a chunky burger that packed a bite but it was mediocre, just is why I would describe it as just ok. Not that good and not that bad either. The fries were a good portion too and again, they were ok. Worth it for the price. Lia had the Supergreen Laksa, which she said was good but not as good as Wagamama.

Overall, considering the price and portions of these vegan options, it was pretty reasonable and much better than I had thought it would have been. 

Would I go back? Maybe, I wouldn't say no if someone else suggested to dine here.

Why? Because the options were mediocre aka just ok.

How was the service? The lady that served us was clueless and miserable but the lady that helped her and served us the dishes was friendly and very helpful. However, the service was incredibly slow, considering it was 8pm on a Monday, there really wasn't a excuse.

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Quite well but no finesse

What are the prices like? Really reasonable, £10.50 for 2 courses off the vegan set menu.

Have you been? What did you think?

**This meal was not complimentary, I paid my way.**

See the whole vegan menu at All Bar One here.

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