Zuchi: First Impressions

So the snow has been and gone again but the first time the Beast from the East descended on Birmingham, it delayed the Zuchi event that I was meant to go to. But luckily, a week later I was able to sample the delights that Zuchi have to offer.

Zuchi is a vegan delivery service that was set up by two fellas that wanted to prove that you can have vegan food that is fresh, healthy and tasty. And just in case you're wondering, because I was, it's pronounced Zu-chi, which is meant to be a play on the words zucchini and chi. Cool, right? They hosted a dinner at Urban Coffee on Church St, which was full of happy diners, including myself.

On the night, I was able to try 3 of the dishes, 2 in a sample size and one for my main, and was gifted a tub of the bliss balls. I decided to have one of the samples as my starter on the night and to save the other starter and bliss balls for another day.

The starter I chose to have was the Spaghetti 'Zuchi' Balls, shown in the image above. You could tell this was freshly made and the texture of the balls was so much like mince. Amazing what you can do with oats! The tomato sauce was lovely too but I felt they needed to be more of it with a little more spice to make it spot on. But overall, I enjoyed it.

On the night, I was lucky enough to have Elise, of Petite Elise, as my dining companion. We obviously spent the night tasting the food and swapping various vegan food recommendations. Great company to say the very least.

Moving on to the mains, I chose to go for the Vegan Pulled P*rk Burger with sweet potato fries. A classic choice that I was intrigued about, as I wondered how they would make fresh and healthy. I've gotta say that I wasn't disappointed. The fries were caramelised and melted in my mouth, the bun was nice and the pulled jackfruit was also lovely. But again, spice was lacking slightly. The sauce that accompanied the burger and fries was lovely and helped to add a little spice to the dish but I feel it still needed an added kick.

For my second starter, there was the Crispy Tofu Quinoa Bowl. I had this at home and enjoyed how fresh and vibrant tasting it was. A great healthy option that you would have you feeling great afterwards. Plus quinoa, tofu and cashews is a great combo! However, would I have it again? Probably not, as it wasn't anything as special as the burger or even the zuchi balls.

So, I also got to try the bliss balls and these were amazing. Starting from the left, there was Sweet Potato and Kale Poppers, Cocoa Almond Bliss Balls, Oatmeal Power Balls and Lentil and Quinoa Protein Balls with Fenugreek Sauce. I enjoyed them all, as they were all slightly different, tasty and flavoursome. The perfect snacks! However, the Lentil and Quinoa Protein Balls won me over! Just something about that fenugreek sauce and lentils that had me craving for some Gujarati daal. It's basically a bitesite indian food ball, absolutely genius and full of flavour! I'll have 10, please!

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of trying Zuchi for the first time and love the idea of having a healthy food option like this to order from for my lunch. And I reckon, once they have taken the feedback from the event onboard, the food will be even more amazing. Good luck, guys!

Prices of the dishes vary from £4.50 to £8.50 and can be ordered and collected from a special spot in Birmingham. Find out more here.

**This was a complimentary meal but my views are my own**

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