Wayland's Yard: Vegan Options

When a new place opens up in Birmingham, I make it my mission to go and check out their vegan options. For research purposes, obviously. It's even better when I get invited to try out that said new place.So, today's newest place is Wayland's Yard and I, along with a large number of other Brum Bloggers, ventured to the new eatery to see what this Worcester-based eatery had to offer to us Brummies.

The eatery is located on Bull St, just opposite Forbidden Planet, and is within a 5 minute walking distance from Birmingham Snow Hill Station. The place adheres to a grey and orange colour scheme that doesn't make this eatery cold but quite the opposite. I quite liked the colour scheme and somewhat hipster vibe, it kinda reminded me of Bristol.

Whilst looking around I saw that they offer the sandwich option above. The price is a little steep, however, it sounds so good. I didn't have a chance to try out this option on my first visit but next time, for sure. I'm a sucker for all types of hummus!

As you know by now, my IBS restricts me from having caffeine and only recently I got back into having coffee, I realise just how much I like the taste, even when it's decaf. And I have made it my mission to try out every coffee shop's vegan decaf coffee options. Wayland's Yard's option was pretty darn tasty and I would put it at the top 5 of the coffee's served in Brum. I particularly liked how they used coconut milk and how the coffee wasn't bitter, in the slightest. It was creamy, full-bodied and just lovely to drink. Plus I didn't have to wait a million years for it to cool down, as it was already cool enough to drink.

As I was the only vegan at the Bloggers event, I had my own menu, I'm so spoiled! First up on that menu was the Avo Smash (£5.50), shown above. Described as being sourdough toast with smashed avocado, za'atar, griddled portobello mushrooms and chilli jam on the side. Everything worked really well on this dish and it was tasty. I enjoyed it all and liked the addition of the mushrooms. However, this is something I could easily make at home, so I probably wouldn't go for it again but it was tasty.

Next up, was the Cayenne Roasted Sweet Potato Salad, which contained the cayenne roasted sweet potato (obvs), paprika chickpeas, red onion, leaves and a turmeric dressing. This was really tasty and I liked the beefy chunks of sweet potato with the paprika chickpeas and the dressing. It gave me inspiration for my future lunches but again, I felt I could make this at home and wouldn't be something I would opt for when dining out.

The Vegan Brunch (£7.75) shown above was the star of the night and something I loved. It contained avo hummus, griddled mushrooms, spinach, house smokey beans, sweet potato hash balls, tomato relish with sourdough toast. It's a great vegan brunch option to have in Birmingham City Centre, where all the components work really well together. I particularly liked the sweet potato hash balls but I'm not a fan of the avo hummus but that's a personal preference. As I would have preferred hummus or avocado. However, I highly recommend this dish!

The vegan brunch was served with a Turmeric Latte, which was really creamy and looked ace. I think it needed a little more turmeric and to be heated up slightly. And a little tip, if you're gonna get this then make sure you ensure it doesn't contain honey. As they serve it with honey, as standard.

Last up, was a touch of the sweet stuff with the Vegan Chocolate Nut Crunch (£2.50). Sweet, crunchy, soft and hard, all at the same time. Really enjoyable! That was served with a cold brew tonic, a glass of strawberry lemonade and cold brew. I particularly loved the strawberry lemonade. I can't say I've tried cold brew before but I really enjoyed it with ice but the tonic wasn't for me. Way too fizzy and strange.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Wayland's Yard and I look forward to going back for the vegan brunch, a cup of decaf coffee and the chocolate nut crunch.

Would I go back? Yes, for sure.

Why? For the chilled out vibe, new to Birmingham vegan options and decaf coffee.

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Very well but make sure when you order, as the turmeric latte I had did contain honey.

What are the prices like? Varied but most dishes are worth it

Have you been? What did you think?

**This meal was at a Bloggers Event and it was complimentary. But my opinions are my own**

See the whole vegan menu at Wayland's Yard here.

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