Revolution de Cuba

All of a sudden, it seems as if Birmingham has been struck by lots of new eateries. One of which is Revolution de Cuba on Temple St. The eatery has a very warm party vibe that is cosy but loud. I am such an old women when it comes to music. I like places where I dine to have the music somewhat low, so I can talk to my dining partner. Is that just me? So, what are the vegan options like at Revolution de Cuba?

RSC Vegan High Tea

High Tea isn't something I do everyday, especially now I'm vegan. I also had a negative experience having Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham, which put me off. But when I was invited to the Rooftop Restaurant at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, I knew I had to go and see what they offered. I'm so glad I did!

Rola Wala: Vegan Options

Birmingham has long been the it-place to go for Indian food, especially as we have the Curry Mile. However, Indian Street Food seems to be the trend that is sweeping Birmingham City Centre. With places such as Indian Brewing, Indian Streetery and most recently Rola Wala. Rola Wala is the newest place in Selfridges in Birmingham and takes over the space that pizza place Izza Pizza used to have. So, what are their vegan options like? And how authentic is it?

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