1847: New Look and New Menu

I haven't visited 1847 as much as I should have, the last time was actually two years ago, because I always favour The Warehouse Cafe over it but the two are very different. A fact that was reiterated when I dined at the eatery to celebrate their new look and new menu.

The eatery now has a more earthy grey and white colour scheme with accents of black, green, copper and marble. Also with a plush grey, black and white striped staircase. All of which makes a decadent yet inviting overall look.

Overall, the event was a very relaxed affair with a small but fun brunch of press and bloggers, as well of the owner of the eatery. We had all pre booked our mains for the evening and they slowly but surely all came out of the kitchen. I went for the Marinated Tofu, that came with watercress, radish, courgette and cashew labneh. It was a very tasty dish that all worked really well together. I liked the meaty pieces of tofu with the peas and the cashew labneh. Yummy! However, I wish I had gone for the Pomme Anna, which is the dish shown in the image at the beginning of this blog post. Just because I love potato and had dish envy. Overall, I really enjoyed the dish but just wish there had been more of it.

**Many thanks to all at 1847 for this great event. I'll be back to try the desserts very soon**

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