Head of Steam: First Impressions

For some reason, Birmingham is the last to get a number of chains. We've only just got a Revolution de Cuba but still waiting on a Wahaca or Hard Rock Cafe. Which is why it is good to see Head of Steam make its way head first into Birmingham. I was invited along to the pub/eatery to try out their vegan food and drinks on one of their soft launches. Let's just say their vegan options are interesting...

The look of Head of Steam is quite industrial and reminds me slightly of a gentleman's pub crossed with Sheffield. I don't know why Sheffield. I just think industrial when I think of that fine city. It's different to other places in Birmingham, which is a concept that is always welcome.

So, onto the important stuff, the food. There is no vegan menu but everything is labelled on the main menu, always a godsend when this happens.  However, the Grilled Halloumi and Red Pepper Hummus sandwich is labelled as vegan, hopefully this means it's vegan when it is altered.There are 3 vegan options: Tempura Vegetables, Red Lentil and Chickpea Dahl (£10.50), that comes with basmati rice and khobez flatbread, and Spinach and Falafel Burger, that comes with fries. Full menu shown below.

The lovely lady at the bar made me a mocktail that was fruity, delicious and creamy. I have no idea what it's called or whether it is on the menu but what I do know is that it was lovely. If I was ever wanting to reorder this I'd be stumped. Yep, bad blogger Tasha.

I went for the Spinach and Falafel Burger (£9.95), which contains chickpea dahl and salad and is served with fries and salad. I have to say it was a gorgeous burger and I would have it again. The best I ever had? No. But a good burger all the same, especially with the dahl, it created a variety of textures that worked well together. The fries were nice too. My plus one also enjoyed her pizza and the Tempura Vegetables (£4.95) that we shared.

Overall, the visit was enjoyable and the food was tasty. I like that they had a few vegan options to choose from, that were innovative too. The staff was very pleasant and the general look of the place is great. Considering how nice the burger was, I'm really intrigued about the dahl and would try that next.

**This meal was complimentary but my views were my own**

Would I go back? Yes, it's a lovely place

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Very well and in a clear and concise way

What are the prices like? For the pizza, burger and tempura vegetables, it would be around £25. Very reasonable for the portion sizes and quality.

What is eatery best for? A catch-up with a friend, accompanied by food and drinks.

Have you been? What did you think?

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