Vegan Brunch at Chung Ying Cantonese

In my opinion, brunch time is the best time. It's normally accompanied by avo on toast and a lovely oat latte. However, this isn't the case at Chung Ying Central. Their Chinese Brunch Menu contains dim sum, congee, claypot rice, noodle soup and even seasonal vegetables. But I bet you're wondering what the vegan options are like? Well, I tried them out for you!

Nothing on the menu is labelled as vegan but vegetarian options are labelled well. However, I was able to ask the server about the options and he was able to note which of the vegetarian options were vegan. And there was 8 in total on the menu. I ordered 6 of them. Yes, 6. *insert embarrassed emoji here*

First up was the Congee, which is number 35 on the menu (shown in the image above). I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. It's a very weird concept of a savory rice porridge that contains preserved vegetable and mushrooms. Sounds weird but tasted so good. It was more like a soup consistency and I couldn't eating it. I highly recommend it!

Next up was the Vegetarian Dumpling Noodle Soup, which is number 46 and shown in the image above. I didn't have much of this dish, as I found the broth to be a little tasteless but loved the dumplings and finished them. Not worth trying, in my opinion, and not as good as the rest of the vegan dishes on the menu.

Now, onto the dim sum or as I call it the good stuff. I chose three and the first was the Veg Fun Gor Dumplings. Oh my God, dim sum for brunch is the best thing ever and I would happily have it all again. This dumpling was beautifully executed and steamed to perfection. It was gooey and lovely. It contained carrots, peanuts, mushrooms and water chestnuts. I simply loved it.

Ever since I went vegan I have missed eggs, especially omelettes. This is why I gravitated towards the Veg Bean Curd Rolls. As I remember that bean curd has a similar texture to omelette and I was right. This roll was soaked in soy sauce and filled with bamboo shoots, carrots and mushrooms. This melts in your mouth and is amazing. I think I'll have a double helping of this next time.

Last up, it was all about the Veg Chiu Chow Dumplings. Another great dumping that melted in my mouth and just made me so happy to eat. Another great eat.

Overall, I loved the vegan options on the Chinese Brunch Menu at Chung Ying Central. The service was great, the food was food, the eatery was great and I knew it was authentic because there was a number of Chinese people dining there. I'm not being nasty here but if I go to an Indian restaurant and there is no one there that is Asian then I'll walk back out. Because I know it will lack authenticity because the people that eat that food nearly everyday weren't dining there. Hopefully that makes sense and I haven't dug myself a hole.

**The views in this blog are my own and the meal was complimentary**

Would I go back? Definitely!

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Quite easily but you do have to ask

What are the prices like? This meal would have cost around £20, which I think was very reasonable for the portion size and vegan options.

What is eatery best for? A catch-up meal with friends or family

Have you been? What did you think?

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