Seggiano Pesto and Pasta

After travelling to Rome, Verona and Venice, I have a greater appreciation for pasta. Especially good pasta! So I was sent the Raw Basil Pesto and Rice and Teff Tagliolini from Seggiano to try out. I was intrigued by the fact the pesto was vegan and that the pasta was rice and teff flavour. As well as being gluten free and vegan. Would it be bitter? Would it taste nice? What would it be like?

Well, it is pretty damn good. I cooked  the pesto with a little garlic, ginger, red onions and mashed broccoli. I put this with the pesto and mixed it with the gluten free pasta shown above. I was impressed. You couldn't even tell the pasta was gluten free or the pesto was raw but the rawness of it made it taste more fresh and made the ingredients more distinctive. You can taste the basil, salt and nuts. Like it was homemade.

I also tried the pesto on roasted sweet potato, like a dressing. And the saltiness of the pesto and the sweetness of the potato went ridiculously well together. The only con was that I found that the pesto has a little too much salt for me but that's because I normally only like a minute amount. Overall, I liked these products. Not only the taste but the look of them too.

Have you tried this brand of vegan raw pesto or the pasta? Have you tried anything similar that you would recommend?

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