New vegan options at Pieminister

I have visited Pieminister a number of times since I reviewed them last time in 2017. Especially since Kevin was launched. The thing that I thought was lacking was vegan sides to accompany the vegan pie. However, they have now rectified that with their new vegan options and they even have a Sunday Best option, which combines a sunday roast with a pie. I wasn't able to visit on a Sunday, I intend to very soon, but I did visit on a Tuesday.

So I went for a Kevin with Cauli Gosh Loaded Fries and vegan mash, it also comes with vegan gravy. The skin on fries was topped with a deep fried spicy cauliflower, curry sauce, sriracha, pickled turnips and another pickle. I was accompanied by my mum, who also had the same and we enjoyed it. Everything together was so good, that we are already planning our next trip. The pie was amazing and steaming hot, it contained mushrooms, tomatoes, baby onions, thyme and red wine. The gravy was thick and flavoursome, the mash was creamy and the loaded fries combo was spot on. I couldn't find a single fault, which is saying a lot.

The next day I went to the eatery with my work mates and had Kevin with mushy peas, also amazing! Try it vegan folks, you'll love it!

Whilst we were there, we also tried their new vegan dessert. This was called Gold Digger and contained salted caramel, vegan ice-cream and a millionaire shortbread. Wow, wow and more wow. I loved that it was decorated with gold dust and chocolate sauce too. It was decadent, the ice cream was great, you couldn't even tell it was vegan and the shortbread was had a snap and tasted ace. Overall a great vegan dessert, a great shareable portion that would have you wondering whether it actually was vegan. Like the best ones always do.

Overall, we both loved the options at Pieminister and we aren't an easy pair to please. We left with full satisfied stomach, wondering how the Sunday Best option was.

**The views in this blog are my own but the meal was complimentary**

Would I go back? Yes, for sure!

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Vegan options shown on the main menu, so you don't feel awks asking for another menu.

What are the prices like? £11.95 for the pie and loaded fries and an additional £2.50 for the vegan mash. The dessert is £4,50

What is eatery best for? A catch up, hearty comfort food and a relaxed fun atmosphere

Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you're been and what you thought

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