Can you eat vegan at Aluna?

When I think of bar food, I think of chips, burgers, maybe a greasy curry. This is why it's surprising when I get invited to bars to try out their vegan options. Don't get me wrong, I friggin' love chips but it's always nice to have something a little different. I was excited to try out Aluna, as their sister brand is Siamais, and their vegan options are ace.

Vegan Options at Arket

Slowly but surely, Birmingham is getting some of the best stores on to our high street. Monki is due to open next year and I hope that we get an And Other Stories soon too. A store that recently opened was Arket, a retailer with a Nordic vibe. Best thing is the store has a cafe inside. Perfect for when you need a sit down or snack because shopping has become just so tiring.

Why I became vegan

Hi all!

Way back when I started blogging, it was my place of catharsis. The place I would go to vent, my online journal basically. 2 name changes, a graduation and 8 years later, it's became Nutella Tasha, my vegan review Birmingham blog. However, it feels like my content has become a little stiff, so I'm going back to my roots with this post.

Keeping it vegan at The Lost & Found

Just when you think you have seen and tasted all the vegan options in Birmingham, another one springs up or comes to your attention. It's not a bad problem to have, it's one I love to be honest. I used to frequent The Lost & Found a lot when I first moved back to Birmingham after university but I just fell out of love with the place, I'm not sure why. So I was happy to be invited to the bar/restaurant, as I haven't been there since they refurbished the place and rejigged the menu.

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