Why I became vegan

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Way back when I started blogging, it was my place of catharsis. The place I would go to vent, my online journal basically. 2 name changes, a graduation and 8 years later, it's became Nutella Tasha, my vegan review Birmingham blog. However, it feels like my content has become a little stiff, so I'm going back to my roots with this post.

So, for those that don't know the vegan review side of this blog was born when I became lactose intolerant because of IBS in 2012 and I started to do dairy-free reviews of restaurants, as I found that some were better than others at catering to my dietary requirement. And I couldn't find a guide of where was good for a dairy-free diet, so I created one. Then I found that it was easier for me to have the vegan option rather than go "I need something that is dairy-free, halal or pescatarian". So in 2016, the blog became fully vegan. I finally became fully vegan in early 2018.

I finally made the move to becoming vegan because I just hated the taste, smell and thought of meat and fish. I did it slowly, firstly cutting out dairy, then meat, fish and then eggs. The hardest thing for me was getting rid of eggs, I loved them so much. But I became determined to become vegan and just went for it. I have times where I make mistakes and accidently have something that is derived from an animal or crave chicken, But I have found some great alternatives and have a foolproof stash in my freezer if I want to swave that craving.

My family and friends think I'm crazy but have all been so supportive. Catering to my dietary requirements and making sure I never feel left out. For that I am so thankful and so blessed. Because of this step, I have also met some amazing people and tried some banging food. And for now, this is something that works for me and I don't see changing right now.

I'm still working out making the other aspects of my life vegan. I'm no longer buying non-vegan products and trying to make the services I use vegan. I'm not perfect, I slip up but I'm trying. I won't judge someone for eating meat because I was, not so long ago and I won't be one of those militant vegans but I am here to advise, if anyone needs it. In short, if you're thinking of going vegan, do it slowly and in stages. Allow your body to adjust and only do it when you're ready.

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