Vegan Festive options at Pieminister

I love pies, as you know from my previous post about them, and I love that Pieminister is coming out with more and more vegan options, now including a new pie and side, with a festive theme.

Going vegan at Panache

As you guys know by now, I love to discover new places. Especially those that cater to a vegan diet. So I got invited to try out Panache, an eatery that specialises in Indian cuisine, based in Sutton Coldfield. They have a vegan menu and it's the perfect location for a fancy meal. But how did the vegan options fare?

Vegan Boss-ing it at Boston Tea Party

Beside Wayland's Yard, I am yet to find a substantial vegan brunch option. Until Boston Tea Party came out with The Vegan Boss!

Have you tried the vegan menu at The Green House?

I will travel anywhere for good food, I blame my family for this. As we have travelled to Leicester, Manchester and even London for the sake of good food. Yep, that's where my foodie ways come from. So I didn't hesitate to travel over to Sutton Coldfield, when I was invited over to try out the vegan options at The Green House, a recently refurbished pub, bar and restaurant.

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