My Top 10 Vegan Highlights of 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 was full of some amazing food and I cannot wait to see what 2019 brings. It's already started well with McDonald's, Greggs and numerous other major chains coming out with vegan options. But I wanted to reminisce about my top 10 vegan highlights of 2018, that you couldn't even tell were vegan. So here goes...

Juicy Lisboa's Falafel Wrap

Back in April, I visited a good friend of mine in Lisbon. Whilst I was there I found this awesome place called Juicy Lisboa, which is a vegetarian restaurant that has a number of vegan options. I tried a falafel wrap and it was so tasty. The falafel was moist and flavoursome, the wrap reminded me of a paratha and the hummus was chunky. It was stunning. So much so I went back on my last day there so I had a snack on the flight home. If you're ever in Lisbon, go there.

Biffs Jack Shak's Wingz

For the 6th year anniversary of Digbeth Dining Club, they held a special Bhm vs Ldn edition. The best thing being the fact that Biffs Jack Shack was in attendance. A London streetfood vendor that I've been wanting to try for a long time and they didn't disappoint. In particular the wingz were incredible. A surefire highlight of the event for me and one of the best I've tried in 2018.

Beyond the Kale's Pancakes

I love pancakes and finding good vegan ones can be tricky. This is why I fell in love with the pancakes at Beyond the Kale in Bath. They melted in my mouth, were surrounded by fruit and drizzled with maple syrup. So tasty and you couldn't even tell they was vegan.

200 Degrees Vegan Blueberry Croissant

One of the things I miss now I'm vegan is croissants. This is why I was so happy when 200 Degrees brought out a vegan blueberry croissant. It's so good, I can't even tell you. Even better when you have it warmed up with a coffee. The best combo and the croissant is so flaky, it's awesome. Again, you won't be able to tell it's vegan

Tiger Bites Pig's Salt and Pepper Tofu with Aubergine Bao

Soft bao bun, fragrant aubergine, firm tofu and a little coriander make this dish the best bao I have ever had. Fresh, tasty and seriously good. This independent is a welcome addition to Birmingham food scene. I'm salivating at the thought

Blue Piano's Singapore Carrot Cake

This is carrot cake but not as you know it. It's the Singaporean version that is savory and is a mixture of mooli and carrot. It actually reminded me of a chilli paneer dish. It's beautiful and well worth a try.

Vegan Food Pod's Boston Creme and Custard-filled Donuts

Vegan donuts aren't always the best. Sometimes they are too doughy, too sweet or just too boring. However, that isn't the case with Vegan Foodpod's donuts. They are like heaven in a donut. I tried the custard-filled and boston creme and loved them both. The custard was cremy and decadent and worked well with the melt in the mouth sugary dough. I could wax lyrical about them all day but all I will say is seek out these donuts, they really are the best you would have tasted

Franca Manca's Vegan Pizza
Another vegan favourite of mine from 2018 is the vegan pizza I tried at Franca Manca in Bath. Just everything about it was enjoyable, eventhough it didn't even have vegan cheese. Which is no longer the case as Franca Manca has incorporated vegan cheese on to the menu now. The dough was soft and digested well. This is something I normally have an issue with but this was light enough to not trigger my IBS. The sauce was also incredible and I fell in love. Hands down the best pizza I have ever tried.

Vegan Junkfood's Smore Brownie
I love brownies and thought I had tried every type until I tried this Smore Brownie. It's basically a melted marshmallow on top of a beautifully decadent brownie. This cannot be faulted and I love the mixture of the lighter than air marshmallow with brownie. It not only looks good but tastes incredible too. So incredible I scoffed this QUICKLY! I still dream about this brownie.

Fressh's What the Guac Burger
Lastly, it's all about Fressh's What the Guac burger. This is one of the best vegan burgers I have ever tried and has everything you could need in a burger, even a crunchy element from tortilla chips. It's really one of my favourites. This is why I am so sad that Fressh is closing on Saturday 12th January and I won't be able to enjoy it anymore. Especially how will I live without the Fressh sauce!

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