Hookway's Vegan Options

Lunchtimes became a lot more pleasurable after I discovered Hookway's in The Minories, round the corner from Wayland's Yard and 10 minute walk away from Boston Tea Party in Birmingham City Centre. I discovered this place about a year ago when I worked on Birmingham's Colmore Row. Back then they had the buffet, where two out of the three counters had vegan options. That is still the case but they had also added a menu of options that can be freshly made

Wing Wah Birmingham

Hello and welcome back to another vegan review from the perspective of Birmingham-based vegan foodie, Tofu Tasha. Today, she will be focusing on the new eatery Wing Wah in Birmingham's Chinatown. Enough of talking in third person to you guys and onto the review.

The New Vegan Menu 2019 at The Stable

The many faces of Tofu Tasha can be seen above. Thankfully I've missed out the few where I am scoffing my face. As you don't wanna see that and I'm not the Asian wedding photographer to do that to myself. Anyways, the images above show me in The Stable in Birmingham, enjoying some of their new vegan menu. You guys already know how much I love this place, as I have shown the love right here and on Instagram, So you know I jumped at the chance to try out the menu when I was invited.

The Future is Vegan Menu at Kisama, Nocturnal Animals

Hi all, Tofu Tasha here! Formally Nutella Tasha. Hope you're liking the name change. I'm having trouble diverting my old domain to this one via GoDaddy and Blogger, so if you can help let me know ASAP. Anyways, it's been a while since I've done a review but here I am, back with this very special review of Nocturnal Animals. Located on Bennetts Hill, the second venture from Alex Claridge is described as being 'playful and provocative' and I can see why. Being invited to try out the nine courses of vegan food in the downstairs venture Kisama was a dream come true. I'm not a fan of michelin star food, as it's normally pretentious little portions but I was intrigued by this place and they didn't disappoint.

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