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Lunchtimes became a lot more pleasurable after I discovered Hookway's in The Minories, round the corner from Wayland's Yard and 10 minute walk away from Boston Tea Party in Birmingham City Centre. I discovered this place about a year ago when I worked on Birmingham's Colmore Row. Back then they had the buffet, where two out of the three counters had vegan options. That is still the case but they had also added a menu of options that can be freshly made

The two counters of vegan options are pretty interesting and include hummus, falafel, chickpea curry, cucumber salad, roasted butternut squash and so many more amazing options. My favourites are the cauliflower, chickpeas, hummus, falafel, green beans and potatoes. It's fresh, tasty and you can have as much as you can fit into the three different size boxes, which range in size, small, medium and large to be exact. The price then varies from £3, £4.80 and £6.00. I normally go for the medium size, as the large is huge and you could easily have that one over two days.

The best thing about this place is the fact that everything is labelled, so you can distinctly tell whether something is vegan, contains major allergens or is even syn-free, for Slimming World followers. 

This is the non-vegan counter, that also contained some tasty options that are obviously firm favourites by the look of it.

See what I mean, you can really pack it into the boxes and this is the medium size. Pretty decent price for the portion! This would be £4.80

I was also lucky enough to try an option off the new fresh food menu and opted for the Asian Fusion Falafel Pitta or a falafel kebab as I call it. This contains falafel that had red thai curry paste in the mix with hummus, curried chickpeas, pomegranate, pickle, chilli sauce, coriander, red rice and carrots in a ciabatta-esque bread. This was incredible, I can't even describe how good it was. The hot falafel with the houmous was amazing in this soft and lovely bread. I can't recommend this enough. Plus it was so fat! For under a fiver, it's a bargain too! Not the one if you're not a fan of chilli's but you can ask them to decrease the amount.
As you can see from the menu, there is a choice for everyone at a damn good price! I'm so glad they are now open on Saturdays and evenings, as well as have an outdoor seating area. I know where I'll be heading the next time I'm shopping in Birmingham City Centre.

**The views in this blog are my own but the meal was complimentary**

Would I go back? Yes, without a doubt. I need to try all the vegan options on the menu

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Very easily with clear labelling and fresh tasty options

What are the prices like? Pretty damn good, considering most things are under a fiver

What is eatery best for? A quick breakfast, lunch or a varied dinner  

Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you're been and what you thought

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