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Hi all, Tofu Tasha here! Formally Nutella Tasha. Hope you're liking the name change. I'm having trouble diverting my old domain to this one via GoDaddy and Blogger, so if you can help let me know ASAP. Anyways, it's been a while since I've done a review but here I am, back with this very special review of Nocturnal Animals. Located on Bennetts Hill, the second venture from Alex Claridge is described as being 'playful and provocative' and I can see why. Being invited to try out the nine courses of vegan food in the downstairs venture Kisama was a dream come true. I'm not a fan of michelin star food, as it's normally pretentious little portions but I was intrigued by this place and they didn't disappoint.
My first impressions of the place are superficial but positive. I loved the flooring, the use and colour of the lights, that banner in the image above and just the whole look of the place. You can tell they have taken the time to put this place together, both in NA and in the downstairs venture, Kisama. It's different, bold and awesome.

Okay, back to the complimentary meal of nine vegan Japanese-inspired courses I enjoyed, normally £60 per person. Yep, nine courses! Looking at the menu, the anticipation grew and I liked the sound of the flavour combinations.

First up was Wonton Crackers, which contains pickled pear, avocado and yuzu. This was an appetizer that was both fresh in taste and a little zingy because of the mixture of pear, avo and citrus in the yuzu. Really well done with the sweet, sour, crunchy and soft elements. Lovely!

Second was this Seaweed Salad, which contained 4 different types of seaweed, yellow courgette and a ribbon of mooli tosazu. This was an interesting course that was very chewy but somewhat tasty. I'm not a huge fan of seaweed in this way, I normally like it fried. Would I have this again? No. However, it wasn't terrible and it contained interesting flavours that are worth a taste.

The third course was one piece of sushi, a Shitake Gunkan to be exact. This contained two year old soy sauce in little shiitake mushrooms. I loved this. I love mushrooms anyway but I like the earthiness and intense flavour of the soy sauce. I wish there had been more of this one. So tasty! Also, can I just say how much I loved the plates. Just look at the beauty of them!

This little masterpiece was the fourth course and was described as Tom Yum. It's actually a deconstructed version of the hot and sour Thai soup. Pretty genius too. It contained heritage tomatoes, pineapple, basil and ginger. The disc you can see is soup to go alongside it. I don't even like tomatoes but this was executed very well and each element made it amazing.

Now onto the fifth course, you still paying attention? This was one of my favourite courses, because my love of potatoes is evergreen. This was called Kombu Charred Jersey, which contained 2 different types of puffed pearl barley, wild garlic oil and the charred jersey potatoes. I loved this because the potatoes were hearty, crunchy and the whole thing was just stunning with the addition of edamame beans. LOVE

Mooli is a vegetable that many aren't aware of but it's quite common in Pakistani cooking and in salads too. You can stuff it in the middle of a paratha or cut it into strips and put it into salad. Either way it's a beautiful vegetable with a earthy radish-like taste. Thus, it was nice to see it in this BBQ Mooli dish, which also contained smoked onion puree, yukon gold, yuzu, champagne and wild garlic oil. This was such a clever dish. The flavours worked so well together and reminded me of having a Sunday Roast.

As you have seen, not only was it clear that the time had been taken to put the flavours together but the presentation was something else too. I mean, just look at the Japanese Woods in the image above. It contains parsnip, sour cherry and pickled shimeji (a type of mushroom). I would never have thought of putting cherries with parsnip but it was perfect together. This was genius again and I just wish there was more of it.

The penultimate course was this Beetroot, Apple and Wasabi. This looks like a beach scene, right? Or is that just me? Probs just me thinking that beetroot disc looks like a solero on the beach. Anyways this was again an amazing combination, using the umami method to ensure that every taste bud was catered to. Not my favourite course but tasty all the same.

Lastly, it was time for dessert with this strawberry bonanza that contained Aquafaba Meringue, strawberry compote, strawberries, strawberry sorbet, passionfruit and wild garlic oil. This was like summer in a bowl. Fresh, zingy and tasty. I do wish it had been a cake or something a little more hearty and intriguing but that doesn't mean this wasn't awesome.

Please note that this meal was complimentary in exchange for a review and this menu is offered on special event days. My views are my own because no one else would want them.

Would I go back? Yes, for a special occasion and to show off the awesome vegan offerings. Veganism ain't boring, bitch!

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Easily, you could tell that research had taken place to put the flavours together

What are the prices like? Altogether this would come up to £60, a great price for the amount of food and quality of it

What is eatery best for? A special occasion, due to the price, but worth it for the decor and atmosphere of the place

Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you're been and what you thought

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