The New Vegan Menu 2019 at The Stable

The many faces of Tofu Tasha can be seen above. Thankfully I've missed out the few where I am scoffing my face. As you don't wanna see that and I'm not the Asian wedding photographer to do that to myself. Anyways, the images above show me in The Stable in Birmingham, enjoying some of their new vegan menu. You guys already know how much I love this place, as I have shown the love right here and on Instagram, So you know I jumped at the chance to try out the menu when I was invited.

So if you've been living under a rock and have never tried The Stable, it's located on John Bright St. The same street as Cherry Reds, Turtle Bay, The Victoria and round the corner from Tamatanga and Natural Healthy Bar and Kitchen. It's become a little haven of an area for foodies and The Stable is one of the best there. On the new vegan menu, there are 4 light bites, 2 sharer options, 4 pizzas, a salad, a pie, 2 sides and 4 dips. I was able to try 2 light bites, 2 pizzas, the salad and dip. The things I do to research for you guys, haha.

Right, I'm gonna start with the light bites and the Hot Topped Vegan Wedges. As I have mentioned many times previously, I love potatoes. So this being fat wedges topped with cheese and jalapenos sounded like it would hit the spot. And that's exactly what they did. So delicious and chunky, as well as being soft. It worked but I wish it was also topped with a salsa or sauce of some kind. However, this is quickly rectified with a little bbq dip. Vegan junk food done right!

Onto the Totally Tempeh salad. Oh my god! I loved this and it was my favourite dish of all the ones I tried. It contained bulgar wheat, cucumbers, tempeh, tenderstem broccoli, spinach, roasted sweet potato, mixed seeds with tahini dressing and smoked paprika hummus. Need I say more? What a combination! Whoever came up with this is a genius with a capital G! I was lucky enough to have a little of this left over and it tasted just as good a couple days later. I don't have much experience with tempeh but I enjoyed it in this dish. I thought it would be like tofu but it's firmer and nuttier in taste. AMAZING!

The second light bite was another tempeh dish, named Tempeh and Tahini Bites. Containing bbq tempeh with tahini ranch dip. This was delicious and I am pretty sure the same tempeh was used in the salad. With that being said I would just have the salad next time but I enjoyed this and the dip was creamy and hummus-like, due to it being made of tahini. I can imagine this would be amazing with bbq cauliflower wings. So far, The Stable were killing it!

I chose to have 2 pizzas in one, to avoid food waste and have a chance to try two pizzas in one go. I've tried Hazelnutter before, amazing by the way, so I chose to go for The Blazing Jack and The Vegan Greek this time. The Vegan Greek was like having a Greek salad on a pizza. Very light and fresh and great with the addition of vegan feta, which was more dense than regular feta but tasted very similar, from what I remember anyway. It also contained marinated tomatoes, olives and rocket. It should also have red onions but you know how I feel about them raw, yuck! The Blazing Jack was my favourite of the two. It was spicy, meaty and just so damn tasty! It contained BBQ jackfruit, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, vegan mozzarella, jalapenos and butterbean alioli. That combination was a winner for me and I really hope they keep it because I am in love!

Last up was dessert. Now, I have tried the vegan brownie, poached pear and vanilla ice-cream before and enjoyed it immensely and this time it was no different, even if they were all served up on a sharing platter. My favourite was the ice-cream, as it was so creamy you could barely tell it was vegan, Swedish Glace perhaps? The brownie was a little too dense, I wish it had been a little stodgier and gooier but that's my personal preference.

Overall, I loved dining at The Stable, as I always do and their vegan menu did not disappoint. It will be interesting to see how they fare later this year with the addition of Rudy's Pizza and Franca Manca to Birmingham.

**The views in this blog are my own but the meal was complimentary**

Would I go back? Without a doubt!

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Super easily with a vegan menu section on the main menu clearly labelled

What are the prices like? Quite reasonable for the portion and quality. Altogether this would have amounted to around £30

What is eatery best for? Awesome pizza with inventive toppings

Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you're been and what you thought

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