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Within the past couple of months, Bennetts Hill has become even more of a foodie haven. Most importantly, it's become a pizza haven, with the addition of Franco Manca and then Rudy's. Now, you've seen my review of Franco Manca. I loved the pizza and feel of the place. But then Rudy's came along and stole my heart.

On the day that I visited they had a vegan option on the main menu and the pizza special shown above. They don't have vegan cheese, like Franco Manca, but this wasn't a problem.

The pizza above is the vegan option on the menu. The Marinara, that contains tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, extra virgin olive oil. It's simplistic, rustic, authentic and damn right delicious! It's accidentally vegan, as the focus is on the sauce. Full of flavour and just lovely as hell. I didn't miss the cheese at all and the base was lovely. Crispy crust and a soft and thin base. It digested well and didn't irritate my IBS, score! This retails at £4.90. Bloody bargain

The second pizza is the one on the specials board, that contained roasted San Marzano tomato, sun dried tomatoes, fresh chilli and vegan pesto. This Vegan Special was as good as the previous one. The sauce and base was spot on and the addition of the pesto and tomatoes worked really well. Again, I didn't miss the cheese. This retails at £8.90. Worth the price but I loved the Marinara more so and would most likely have that one again. Reminds me that I need to go back.

The look of the place is really cute and rustic with exposed walls,  hanging plants, wooden tables and a pizza oven that is a focal point. It worked well with the pizza.

I try to keep away from pizza, as it irritates my IBS, this is why I haven't been back. But if I'm craving pizza or asked for a pizza recommendation, this will be my number 1 place.

**I was invited to the eatery for their and was given complimentary food. My views are my own but the meal was paid for by the venue, in exchange for this review**

Would I go back? Without a doubt

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? All vegan options are labelled on the menu and most can be easily adapted. Plus the staff were knowledgeable and knew what could be adapted.

What was the service like? So attentive, so friendly, so knowledgeable

What are the prices like? Really good for the portion size and quality.

What is eatery best for? Damn good pizza, for vegans and everyone else.

Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you're been on any of my social media channels and what you thought

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