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Pieminister has been my go-to place for a vegan pie for a while now, see my previous reviews here. But recently they launched a variety of patties: vegan, veggie and otherwise. I went in to research...

There are 4 patties on the menu: 2 meat and 2 vegan. They retail at 3 for £5 and are all served with spicy ketchup and a wedge of lime. I, of course, tried the two vegan options. They are the Holy Chipotle, this contains smokey bean and coriander, and the Chana-Rama, this contains spicy chickpea and spinach. I loved the way they were both presented, the pastry was lovely (no sogginess in sight), a good size and you could distinguish them by the way the pastry was decorated. For example, the Holy Chipotle had chilli's on top, as that's the hot one. Clever! The only negative was that I wish they had more filling inside but that's a greedy personal preference.

I also tried the Pieminister Slaw, £2.75. This was like a naked version of a coleslaw but with like a chilli sauce thrown in. It was tasty but it didn't really add anything to the meal. I prefer the beans of mushy peas.

Overall, the patties are ace. Not as good as homemade or as good as Cake and Ish, but a great vegan option all the same.

**I was invited to the eatery for and was given complimentary vegan food. My views are my own but the meal was paid for by the venue, in exchange for this review**

Would I go back? Yep, when that pie craving hits I know where to go

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Everything vegan is labelled as such on the menu and I make sure of it. I have had a slip up there previously when I was given a non vegan Yorkshire pud. This hasn't happened again but I would advise to double-check. 

How's the service? Normally it's friendly and attentive but this time it was very matter of fact.

What are the prices like? 3 of the patties is filling and not as heavy as the pies, so it would make a great light dinner or lunch option. Perfect for the fiver price-tag.

What is eatery best for? Pie, mash and a good time

Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you're been on any of my social media channels and what you thought

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