My Vegan Skincare Picks of 2020

Vegan Skincare Picks 2020

Changing to a vegan lifestyle isn't just about changing the food you eat. There's so much more to it, like skincare. Since changing to a vegan lifestyle I have adapted my skincare to help my dry and dehydrated skin with vegan products. Here are a few that I found this year and a few I found previously that I just had to share with you:

The one thing I missed the most when becoming vegan was Vaseline and I think this is the perfect substitute! It's meant to be used at night but I use it throughout the day and because it's quite thick I only need a little and around 2 to 3 times a day. My first tub lasted me 9 months or so and I am now onto my second.

I like how light this moisturiser is yet super hydrating too, perfect for day time with a little facial oil. I got it as part of the Quick Fix Set, so it was the mini version, but it has lasted a long time. But I do have 3 or 4 moisturisers on the go.

I love the smell, how you need a little to hydrate and the green colour is awesome. It's also not the kind of hydration that lasts 2 minutes and fades. It's long-lasting, which is perfect for dry skin. Truly a beautiful oil that I use in the day and night.

I like mixing this one with the V Simplicity oil above and I find this is great as a mixing oil in general, as it's not too thick. I quite like the smell of this one, as it's natural and unscented, a weird thing to say I know.

I found this brand via Rachel Ama's IG and ordered the Deluxe Get Started Kit for Dry Skin, that included the serum above. But she raved about the shea butter and not long later I ordered it. I really like it mixed with body oil, as the thick formula locks in a natural moisture that I love. It does have a weird smell when you first put it on but that quickly fades. I can see why many people already have this as a favourite of theirs.

When I turned 30, I made a promise to myself that I would use SPF everyday. I now do that and ensure it is 2 fingers worth. This is the first SPF I've found that can be easily used as a day time moisturiser, it also has no white-cast and is a reasonable price. It does have a slight perfume but I haven't found it to be a problem but it may be to someone with sensitive skin. I get the hype around Korean skincare now too, as this was my introduction to it.

When I finished the SPF above, I replaced it with this Supergoop one. I really like this one too. I like how light it is but yet still hydrating. Again, no white-cast. Not much to say about this one because it does what it says it will and it does it well.

They've changed the packaging on this one since I purchased it. It came in a pink tub with a cute little wooden spoon to scoop it out with. Luxe but young. You can tell I do marketing, can't you?! Now it's in a tube but the great formula is the same and apparently you get more. Really like using a thick formula at night, especially this.

I have loved Pai Skincare for a while now but I didn't try this cleansing oil until a friend gifted it to me for Christmas a year ago. Good friend, right?! I like it best as a morning cleanser, as it makes my skin so hydrated and perfect as a base for makeup. I like how it goes on like an oil but then when mixed with water, it become a milky mixture. Genius product! Also, I found out Dua Lipa used this recently, so I love it more. Yep, I am a fangirl.

Taking your make-up off is such a bloody chore but this balm from Primark is £3 and brilliant. I've tried the Body Shop one and a few others but this is the cheapest and the most effective one in taking my makeup off. Even when I want to use everything in my make-up stash.

I was gifted this kale exfoliator by Nourish London (with no obligation to post about it) and I love it. I use it when I am in the shower once a week and it's a light granulated scrub but it works well without agitating my skin yet removing dead skin cells. I like the kale-like smell that isn't too heavy.

A good friend of mine introduced me to this serum and I have been restocking it ever since. It's super cheap, light and works well when you're layering up your skincare products. I like using this on a night out, remember those?, to make my skin look as pristine as possible.

The thing I love the most about this body scrub is the smell. It smells of coffee and chocolate, is there a better smell?! I don't think so! It also is formed of chunky granules that work well at exfoliating the skin. I love using this on the back of my arms, as I tend to get chicken skin and exfoliating helps.

I'm not a skincare expert but these are vegan skincare items have helped my dry dehydrated skin and I hope they can help you too. This is my first post of My Weird Wide World series, as I try something new on here, which will be blogs that are outside of my usual food centric posts.


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