Places to dine in Birmingham for Vegan Christmas Meals

Whilst looking for places to go for a Christmas meal with friends in Birmingham, I came across a variety of places that do vegan options. So I thought I would share those places with you, so you don't have to go through the hassle of looking for them like I did. I've only included places that can offer you 3 courses. Also, hi! I know it's been a while, I've been a lazy shit, but I have been sharing my vegan eats over on IG.

Here we go!

Leah's Place

I've been meaning to try Leah's Place for AGES! She's based a little out of Birmingham, in Wolverhampton, and is fully vegan, I haven't had the chance to make my way over there yet. But I've tried her food and desserts before, when Leah was part of Earth's Kitchen, and they are just lush! And now she's offering a vegan festive Caribbean menu every Saturday up until Christmas.One of the most exciting options I've found it the Ital curry, rice & peas, mac & cheeze, seasoned roasties and steamed veg. I mean, that sounds amazing! Made an exception with this option as it's the only one offering two courses but I know Leah's food is banging, so you'll get over it :)

BAHA at Rainbow

One of my favourite places in Birmingham for vegan food has been BAHA for the last few years. This is why I love that they are now situated at Rainbow in Digbeth, which is even easier for me to get to. They dropped the festive menu this morning and I WANT IT ALL! I mean Crispy Sage and Onion Ravioli to start, YUM!, then Champagne Scall*ps, which sound stunning with creamed potato, broccoli, sauteed kale and toasted almonds. Then the selection of desserts is really hard to choose between. As there is Festive Dumplings and Whisky Cream Cheesecake. The best thing about their menu is that you get more then one option to choose between! Full 3 courses available for £27/


I really like the vegan cheesecake and vegan dough petals at Gusto. So I was intrigued with what the Christmas Menu would offer but I was a little disappointed. The starter of Vegan Meatballs sounds awesome and so does the dessert, which is the Biscoff Cheesecake that I have tried before and would recommend. But the mains of Mushroom & Red Wine Pudding sounds a little lacklustre but that's my personal preference. Full 3 course menu available here for £32.95.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found have always had some pretty decent vegan options, as shown in my previous review, but with so many new vegan options coming out all the time, they always go to the end of my list. But their Christmas Menu may be drawing me in. Starter is a Maple Roasted Squash & Chestnut Roll and the main is a Steamed Mushroom, Chestnut & Tarragon Pudding. But it's their dessert option, which is a Cookie Loaf Cake with berry coulis and vanilla ice cream, that sounds ace to me! Probably the best vegan dessert option I've seen on any festive menu, so far. Full 3 course menu available here for £29.95.

The Botanist

I haven't really been to The Botanist much as a vegan, so didn't expect to find anything great on the festive menu. But I was pleasantly surprised to see a great main, that is the Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Cashew En Croute with kale, roasted parsnips, carrots and tenderstem broccoli. Not quite the decadence I want at Christmas but still tasty sounding. Starter is Celeriac & Leek Soup and dessert is a Raspberry and Almond Frangipane Tart. Both of which sound ok. You can just tell these are a last thought, can't you?! Full 3 courses are available for £32.50.


Although the options at Bill's have always been a tad small for my big appetite, they are high quality and tasty, see my previous review for more details. The vegan festive menu looks really good. Not quite the starters, even though there are 2 options of starters, Maple Parsnip Soup and Beetroot, Whipped Vegan Feta, Cranberry and Apple Salad. I wanted something with bread for a starter but I have had soup and salad here before and it was lovely. But where is the decadence?! Onto mains, there is a Pumpkin, Fig and Chestnut Roast, served with root veg and gravy. This sounds lovely and if it's as good as their Carrot Cashew Nut and Mushroom Wellington then I will be a fan. The desserts at Bill's are normally quite nice and the Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart sounds a ok, definitely worth a try. A welcome drink and full 3 courses available for £29.95.

Other places that are doing Festive Menus that are yet to be announced:

Nu Earth's Kitchen

Cracked Pepper

Land Restaurant

If you know of any more that haven't been featured here, please do let me know. As I will be updating regularly

Thanks and speak soon


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